Watching. Waiting
It's quiet, standing here.
Why do I feel so solitary?
There she goes, walking past me.
Why am I not like them? Aren't I normal?
"Hello, excuse me, do you know the way home?"
Why doesn't she hear me? Why does she leave me standing here?
Who am I waiting for? Why don't I leave?
It's getting dark. The air is somber. My lungs are filled with suspense.
Who is he? He looks so kind, so perfect, yet his eyes shadow his angst.
" Hello, excuse me, can you help me find my way?" he said to me.
I'm lost as well. I'd help you if I could.
" Come with me, if you like. The journey won't be so lonely."
But where is home? How will we know if we're there?
"I'm not sure" he said to me, "all I know is that life won't be so lonely
And so I left with him, not quite so alone.