Her, The Moon

The moon shines brightly tonight, I see,

As I gaze up in awe, at her beauty,

While I'm lying on the grass, lost in my thoughts,

She'll glow with such intensity.

Her friends, the stars, try to outshine her,

Yet she's still the one to who my eyes are drawn,

She'll sits there on high, watching the world go by,

While I'm lying down there, sprawled out, on the lawn.

She oversees my breathing, my every move,

And I'll swear, she's smiling at me,

She's smiling at me, smiling at her,

For I, am the only human being, able to see.

I live for the night, the gentle breath of the wind,

The sound of life everywhere around,

The peace, the calm, and tranquillity,

And her, the moon, who's smiling without a sound.


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