My brother, the soldier

I rode in a limousine today
Long and sleek we cut through the streets
In a line lead by police
I watched the lights go whizzing by

I stood in the aisle confusion on my face
I was lead to the alter and to my disgrace
I fell into my mothers lap
Her tears soaked my head
I wanted to cry my brother is dead

The big brother my heart so longed to be like
Was taken from me long ago in the night
I watched him leave
Head held high eyes glazed
He looked so grown up I was amazed

I waved as the plane took off
My excitement was so great
I didn't stop smiling as the night grew late
At home I found myself in my room all alone
No big brother for protection
Only mom and I at home

I didn't understand how much he meant
Until the next day when I was so spent
I could barely lift my self from my bed
I couldn't sleep for the pain in my head
I looked all around but big brother was gone
A soldier now he left me alone

Here I am now at the site of his grave
A hole in the ground
The mark of the brave
The man and the men of this nation
Taken away with a standing ovation
But there is no one here to cheer him on now
No heroes parade no freedoms vow

My brother the soldier lays here in the ground
Alone with the dirt and the rocks and the worms
While I all alone wait for him to come home
Too young to understand what all of this means
I cling to his letters many more it seems
Have come since the time of the flowers and tears
And I wonder why my mother has such fears

She grows angry with me when I ask for big bro
She yells and she cries and she screams I don't know
What I could have done to cause her such pain
But I know some how her tears are in vain
Big bro wouldn't want it so
He would make us laugh and smile with a twinkle in his eye
And assure us that all would be ok
And he'd tell us to happy and think of the day
When his plane would return and we'd be together again
I know this because the last letter told me so
So I wait and I cry because I cant wait to see
All the things my brother the soldier will bring home for me