The Storm God

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Tuesday,March 30th that a Baldwin-Wallace College student named Gary Logan and some of his co-ed dorm buddies had chartered a boat named the Becky Sue and took her to a small tropical island,where they were planning on holding their first ever island bash.

As soon as they've arrived at the island and began to set the stuff for the party,one of Greg's friends,a Katie Holmes type beauty named Maggie Bronson had decided to go do some exploring of the island and get some material for her agricultural sciences class.

But then,as soon as she was about a few steps away from the others and about to pick her first tropical flower,a group of strangers in native islander headdresses had appeared from out of nowhere,grabbed an unprepared Maggie and started dragging her away from the scene.

But before she has been dragged compleatly out of sight,a frightened Maggie had screamed for Gary and the others to help her.

After they had heard the scream and noticed that she had gotten herself into deep trouble,Gary had looked at the others and said,"Hey,Guys!Did you also hear that?"

"You better believe we did,Good Buddy!",answered Gary's other friend,Kevin Freedman,after he had picked up a fisherman's spear."And I hope you don't mind me joining the rescue posse!"

"Not at all,Kev!",said a smiling Gary."As a matter of fact,all of you could help with the rescue!Now,here's what I'm getting at!"

Meanwhile,on a beach on the other side of the island,the natives had stripped all the clothing off of poor Maggie's body,strapped her wrists to a large dead tree and started dancing around her,while she has no choice,but start sweating bullets.

And then,just as she was about to beg the natives for a drink of water,one of those natives had placed himself in front of Maggie,paint a tribal symbol on her forehead and said,"Now,you are prepared to be recieved by the storm god."

Then,after the natives had performed one last tribal dance in front of her soon-to-be dehydrated body,the one native who had prepared her for the storm god had placed himself behind Maggie,raised a sharp dagger and yelled,"AND NOW,ALL-MIGHTY GOD OF STORMS!WE SHALL DELIVER YOUR BRIDE TO YOU,SO THAT YOU SHALL PROVIDE US WELL IN THE YEARS TO COME!"

But then,just as he was about to thrust the dagger right into the back of Maggie's head,a very loud voice from out of nowhere had yelled,"STOP!THIS CEREMONY IS NO LONGER NECESSARY,FOR I AM THE STORM GOD--AND I HAD COME TO TAKE MY BRIDE TO MY HOME WITHIN THE STORM CLOUDS!"

And after all of the natives had turned towards the source of the voice and stared at Kevin and two of his dormmates playing the role of the storm god,Gary had sneaked up behind the natives,removed the dagger from the tree,where the preparing native had placed it and used it to cut the straps and free Maggie from her bondage.

Then,after Gary had gotten Maggie safely away from the natives and gave his three dormmates the high sign,Kevin had yelled in a booming voice,"AND NOW,THE GOD OF STORMS HAS ONE MORE THING TO SAY!"

And then,after he had lifted up his full face mask,Kevin had let out a smile and yelled,"SO LONG,SUCKERS!"

And after he had let out a good hearty doze of laughter,Kevin and the other dormmates had away from the scene and towards the boat with a whole bunch of angry natives chasing after them and demanding their blood.

Of course,the trio were fortunately able to reach the Becky Sue and get aboard her,before Gary was able to start her up and pilot her as far away from the island as he could get her to be.

Just then,as soon as they were finally away from the island filled with savage natives,a concerned Gary had gone down to Maggie's quarters,sat down next to her and asked,"Are you okay,Maggie?"

"I am now,Gary.",answered Maggie,after she had let out a small smile and placed her hand on top of Gary's."Thank you of rescuing me,Gary."

"My pleasure.",said a smiling Gary."So,were you able to notice what Heaven looks like?"

"Yes,but I'll do more than tell you.",answered Maggie,after she had placed her arms on Gary's shoulders."I'll show you."

And with that,both Gary Logan and Maggie Bronson had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,while their good friend,Kevin Freedman was piloting the boat known as the Becky Sue to another island,where they hope is to be deserted this time.