Authors Notes: - The first in a string of John/Seth/David stories.

More later, sleep now.

Male Bonding

John stopped typing and removed the headphones from his ears. He cocked his head to the side and listened to the world above him. A car had just pulled into his driveway and it sounded suspiciously familiar. As he listened footsteps made there way from his driveway to the porch. They paused before the door, and then one of the two individuals ran the doorbell. He stayed seated, since his girlfriend Rave was there and would answer the door for him. Just as he predicted he heard her get off of the couch and walk to the door, answering it.

"Can John come out and play?" David asked in a mock childish voice. Then John's heart went cold when he heard the second visitor speak.

"Yeah, can Johnny come out and play?" Seth purred, making Rave giggle.

He lurched out of his chair and tripped over the headphone cord that led to one of his speakers, ripping it out. Falling face first onto a pile of cables and clothes John quickly recovered and scrambled to his feet, then up the stairs. He burst out into the kitchen and scurried around the corner into the living room.

David, Seth and Rave were standing in the doorway and they collectively gave him a look that said he was mad. John came to a stop behind his girlfriend then danced around her to stand protectively between her and Seth. Seth grinned when John bumped against his chest. Rave giggled and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"You have visitors Johnny." She said from behind him, giving him a little squeeze as she spoke.

"It's four in the morning, what are you two doing here?" John asked, looking first curiously to David, then aggressively to Seth.

"We're going camping." David announced cheerfully, stepping outside and onto the porch. He made a sweeping gesture towards Seth's cab, which was parked in the middle of the driveway. The roof of the yellow cab was covered with a bright blue tarp that presumably covered their gear and was precariously strapped into place.

"Uh… have fun?" John suggested.

"You're coming with us." Seth said.

"Did you guys forget about the whole… combusty thingy? I am a vampire after all and camping usually entails some sun time." He said warily, eyeing his two friends as if they were now the mad ones.

"We thought of that," David grinned and held out a gaudy gold and blue stone sun and star shaped amulet. "We mugged Michael and nabbed his amulet."

"More so I seduced it off of him." Seth clarified.

John groaned in agony and covered his ears. "Too much information! I liked David's version much better!"

"Come on John, pack your clothes and let's get moving!" David said, bouncing up and down slightly as he held out the amulet.

"I can't go camping…" John tried to protest. "I've never even gone camping."

"Then this'll be your first time." Seth said.

"Yeah, none of us have ever gone camping. So it'll be a first for all of us." David added.

"We'll… technically I've gone camping before. But after my mom found out there wasn't any plumbing in the wild we packed up and went to stayed at the Hilton." Seth said with a small shrug and a sheepish smile.

"Where did you guys even get all that camping stuff?" John asked, eyeing the lumpy tarp.

"From the failed camping trip I just described." Seth explained.

"Has any of it ever been used?"

Seth got a thinking look then shook his head. "Not really."

"I can't leave my computers behind…" John said then quickly added as he glanced over his shoulder. "Or my girlfriend."

"Nonsense John!" Rave announced and pushed him towards the basement. "It'll fun!"

"I don't know…" He griped, digging his heels into the carpet.

"Just pack a laptop." David suggested, walking past him to the basement.

Seth followed on his heels. "We'll help you pack."

"It's just not the same." John grumbled, following them down.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" David insisted.

"Yeah." Seth agreed with him.

John eyed the pair with a frown then got a horrified look as they began to pick apart his room, grabbing arm loads of random bits of clothes. Seth located an old olive green hard sided suitcase hiding in the corner and opened it up on John's cot. David dumped an arm load in the open suitcase and continued searching for more clothes.

"You don't even know if any of that's clean!" John complained dashing over to the suitcase to search through it.

"Bah, we can always wash it at the campsite." David said dismissively.

"Uh, which laptop are you going to be taking?" Seth asked, holding up a pair of laptops with a confused look.

"Aaa! Neither of those!" John explained, jumping over and snatching the laptops from his hands. He hugged them to his chest and glared at Seth. "No touchy!"

"Fine, be a Prima Donna." Seth rolled his eyes and helped David pack.

"What brought this on anyway?" He asked, watching his two friends dig through his belongings just as casually as they would with their own.

"We were watching the Discovery Channel and they were talking about a group of campers who got lost in the woods and then we started talking about how neither of us had ever gone camping, so I suggested we go camping and Seth agreed. So we came here to kidnap, er, take you along." David rambled with a wide grin, a load of plaid, striped and dotted colored shirts hanging from his body arms.

"The fact that people getting lost in the woods inspired this scares me," John bemoaned. "By the way, did any of them survive?"

"Three of them did." Seth announced and snapped the suitcase shut.

"How many were there to start?" John asked fearfully.

"I think five." David said thoughtfully.

John moaned again and put down his laptops. "Now I really don't want to go!"

"Bring me back a souvenir!" Rave suddenly called up from the doorway at the top of the steps.

"See!? You can't let down your beloved girlfriend!" David insisted.

"You have two minutes to pick out a laptop before I carry you over my shoulder and forciably strap you into the back seat of my car." Seth threatened him.

"Alright, alright! No more threats needed!" John said holding up his hands in defeat. He grumbled as he selected a laptop and shoved it angrily into a carrier, along with two spar batteries.

David and Seth watched him closely, then when they were satisfied that he was done, they walked up the stairs. John sighed and followed them, grabbing his suitcase.

"This is a bad idea guys." He insisted as they to the car.

"Nonsense! It'll be fun! A veritable bonding experience!" David said cheerfully.

"Yeah, male bonding." Seth grinned.

"Coming from you, that sounds wrong." John insisted, staring at Seth.

He rolled his eyes and shoved John into the backseat. "Just be quiet and buckle your body butt in."

"Bye John! Have fun!" Rave yelled, waving to them from the porch. "Remember to bring me back something!"

John pouted as he waved goodbye to her. David threw an arm out the window and cried out loudly: "Road trip! Woo!"

*                      *                      *