Authors Notes: - I blame John's bitchiness on the fact that he was an only child. He just doesn't have the social skills to deal with those two. ^_^


A cool wind blew into the car from the open windows; ruffling John's hair. A stronger guest would periodically make it dance around his head. He slumped down further, leaning against the door and stared out the window like a sullen child. They'd already left the city behind and were slowly making their way towards the wilderness. It was already the furthest John had been away from the city in a car.

They traveled north on an interstate. The trees that lined the road were far back enough that they looked like a barrier between civilization, the road, and the wilderness beyond. John lifted his head and peered out into the growing light. The trees whipped by too fast for him to make out any details and the blur was hypnotic. The sun filtered through the leaves and branches, dotting the ground of the forest and added splotches of color between the shadows.

He sighed and slumped back down, examining his two friends. Seth had removed his scalp piercings and grown out his hair. Two pink streaks and one blue cut through the blond of his hair. A good number of his face piercings were gone as well and he only had three lip rings, a stud below his lips, and four eyebrow rings, two on either side. It was the least metal John had ever seen in him at one time.

David never removed his single earring, a small silver hoop, or his nose ring, which matched his earring and was on the same side. His hair was also styled out of his customary Mohawk and instead was in a braid that trailed down his back. The sides of his head, only a few inches, were still shorn clean, with nary a bit of stubble to be seen. The side of his head was resting on his seatbelt as he stared lazily out the window, his eyes half shut.

On the radio some punk-rock band of Seth's liking was playing. John didn't care much for it and tried to tune it out, but the lead vocal, a woman, had a voice that was nice enough that it stuck with him. Even though the music that accompanied it was horrendous, at least to his ears.

A Plexiglas wall separated the front of the taxi's cab from the back. Outside of the small air holes that dotted it a small square with a sliding door closure was the only opening. John felt like some kind of prisoner being taken off to jail. It reminded him of the time he'd actually ridden in the back of a police car, something he tried to forget.

"How much longer till we get there?" John asked.

"Probably two hours." Seth replied, trying to spot him in the rearview mirror. When he couldn't immediately spot him he turned his head to look. John stared at him with a deadpan face. Seth grinned and looked back to the road.

"I still think this is a dumb idea." John asserted.

"It'll be fun." David mumbled sleepily with a yawn.

"I disagree." John grumbled, looking back out the window. "I know some wild animal is going to mistake me for dinner."

"That's impossible," Seth reassured him. "They would never mistake you for their dinner, we all know you are their dinner."

John glared at the back of his head. "Haha, real funny."

"I though it was." David giggled, lifting his head off the seat belt strap.

He snorted in reply and lay down on the seat. Seth glanced back at him and said: "Tired?"

"It's past dawn, of course I'm tired." John said around a big yawn.

"Take a nap, we'll wake you when we get there." David suggested.

"No way. If I fall asleep you guys will just pull over and draw a penis on my face. Or something equally infantile." John complained as his eyes slowly drifted shut.

"I'd never do anything like that!" Seth protested then said: "Without a camera."

"You didn't bring a camera!?" David exclaimed in horror. "How are we going to document the John torture without a camera?"

"I knew it!" John said sitting up. "This is all just an elaborate plot to ridicule me!"

"Don't be such a drama queen," Seth said rolling his eyes. "We're just teasing you."

"Yeah, we don't sit around for hours plotting ways to torment you." David said in a hurt voice, pouting at John.

"It only takes a minute or two to come up with something." Seth whispered under his breath, knowing full well that John could hear him perfectly.

"Aaaaa!" John cried out, pointing at Seth. "Stop that!"

David laughed and grabbed his side, sinking down in his seat. "Oh God this is great!"

Seth shook his head, laughing silently. He reached over to the radio and switched from the CD to a radio station. After turning the dial for a while he settled on talk radio. John listened quietly for a few minutes then sat up straight.

"Why are we listening to Christian talk radio?" He asked, staring at the stereo with a frown.

"It amuses me." Seth explained.

The radio announcer intoned in a faintly southern accent: "That is why gays are against God! We have to stand firm and stop their agenda dead in its tracks! We can't let them subvert our children!"

"Agenda? Do Fredrique and Michael have an agenda?" John asked, looking between his friends.

"Outside of getting Donovan in their respective beds, no." Seth replied with a shrug.

"Don't you know," David said in a deeply serious voice. He stared at the two of them with a stern expression. "The gays are plotting to take over the world and infect us with their gayness! Just look at the fashion world! Hollywood! Hell man! They've already takeover most of California!!!"

John burst into laughed and Seth struggled to keep the wheel straight as he laughed. David lost his composure and giggled uncontrollably. John settled back into his seat, not feeling as petulant.

The 'reverend' continued to rail against the gays, as he called them, and condemned anyone who even remotely supported them, to hell. Seth eventually reached over and changed the station to classic rock.

"That's better." John mumbled from the back.

After a few cords or music the singer started in. Both Seth and David started laughing, John sank down groaning. David turned around and leered at John. "It's your song!!"

"God, I only sang it once!" John protested, burying his face in his hands.

David turned back around the flopped back into his seat. He turned his head and grinned at Seth. The two, as one began to sing along: "Baby, when I think about you, I think about love!"

John groaned again. "Change the station, please!?"

Seth turned his head and sang directly to John: "Darling, I don't live without you and your love!"

"Shut up and drive." He glared at the grinning punk.

"Aww, don't be such a spoilsport. It's a great song." David admonished him.

"Here comes the best part," Seth announced and took a deep breath.

The refrain of the song came around and the both belted out the lyrics. "Feel like makin' love, feel like makin' love!"

John cried out in anguish then sat up, at pointed a finger out the window. "I swear I'll jump out the window if you guys don't cut it out!"

Seth snickered and changed the radio to a classical music station. "Alright. We'll just have to finish the song when we get to the campsite."

"With no music?" John asked doubtingly.

"You kidding me? My guitar is in the trunk." He said in reply.

"Of course." John sighed and rolled his eyes.

"We can sing camping songs and have roast marshmallows!" David announced gleefully.

"You guys can." John grumbled.

Seth glanced at him in the rearview mirror. "Do you mean that in the sense that you don't want to join in the merriment, or the fact you can't really eat?"


"Nonsense!" David insisted. "You can eat. Sure, you'll have to throw it up later but still…"

John stared at the back of his head like he was crazy. "Bulimia is fun."

"It's hardly bulimia if you don't eat solid foods anyway." Seth declared.

"I'm never going to sing karaoke again." John mumbled to himself.

"You still on about that?" David said in amazement.

"It's embarrassing." He said blushing.

"No, what's embarrassing was Seth's strip tease while singing After Midnight," David shook his head in awe. "I think Bella was about to claw her eyes out."

"Nah, she liked it. She won't admit it but she liked it." Seth said with a confident smile.

"Thanks for reminding me," John bemoaned. "I'd almost managed to completely destroy the memories of that incident."

"'Incident'?" Seth pouted. "You make it sound like some kind of Chernobyl."

"My eyes see it that way." John replied sternly.

"I wish I had a camera then. The look on Elwyn's face was priceless." David snickered.

"You should just buy a really nice digital camera and take it with you everywhere." Seth suggested.

"Yeah, enough weird things happen around Seth it's a wonder you haven't tried to document the insanity for future generations to 'enjoy'." John said with a sour expression.

"I love your biting remarks," Seth said fondly. "They have such a long set up."

John ignored him and settled into a more comfortable position. He laid his head on the back of the seat and stared up at the roof. The lines of trees on the side of the road fell back as they began to pass through a small down. Sunlight spilled across John's lap, making him briefly tense up. In front of him, David rest the side of his head against his seat belt, and stared out the window. The classical music filled the quiet left by the end of their banter.

Seth grinned to himself and started to hum. John lifted his head slightly and glared at him. He continued to hum then finally started to whisper under his breath: "Feel like makin' love to you…"

"You're incorrigible." John said, letting his head drop back down.

*                      *                      *