Through/out (fugues that disregard time)

Remix of Lorelei's "Three Timely Suitors"

1/You caught me
straight out of flight;
asked me how my mother was
as you scraped slowly
up my spinal cord.

The heights never really mattered:
they always predicted my
fall; we always obeyed
the rules of gravity
(as proscribed by Newton and
his posse of sad mad physicists;
Einstein's deranged fan club;
Hawking's Technicolor minions).
My neck cramped from looking up yet

that unthreatening sky
loomed -

laughed, "where are you?"
and there was a taunt
I could not swallow
for all the wings in the world,
promised with golden tongues
and dreams on a platter.

You waited, ummoving;
I nearly tripped
over my shadow to get closer to you.

2/I recall your smile
in the strangest nooks
of a tangled memory;
it breaks my heart to think
we had overdosed on happiness.

Before impact, that last
nanosecond of a lavender peace,
the afterimage of you
pressed against my skin:

New Orleans just a montage
of another country banished to America and
Paris a distant sigh buried in
the minds of would-be Frenchmen;
(but you could not hide in its crowded markets;
you were made from Spice Island glory)

it was easy to imagine sunsets
courting veiled moons,
but you pointed at the sunrise;
its quiescence hinting of tragedy.

I never forgot the effects of your mirth.

3/The revolution you fancied
was trimmed with French lace;
I ran my fingers through its splendor
(beauty denied to its beholder)

while history was tied into
packages of time and money and lust:

freedom always lies just beyond the truth.