I love him
And yet I don't
Because I simply can't
I can never love him
It's wrong
He's wrong
We just don't go
But. . .
I still love him
I can't help what my heart feels
If I could, why would I have chosen him?
He's too old for me
Too unreachable
Too. . .
Too wonderful
I don't deserve him
And simply never will
But I can always hope, can't I?
Yet all the hope in the world
Can never erase the fact
That it's wrong
We just can't be together that way
They wouldn't understand
All they see are the numbers
The difference in age
They can't see
How alike we are
How in happy he makes me
How happy we would be
But it doesn't matter, really
It's all just a dream
A meaningless fantasy that can never come true
And yet. . .
I can't stop thinking about him
Why won't he get out of my head?
It's just an infatuation
Just a crush
But, if it is. . .
Why can't I seem to stop thinking about him?
Dreaming about him?
Even writing sappy love poems about him?
I've changed
I'm a completely different person
I admit I know nothing about love
My longest relationship lasted three months
His. . .only six months
But I do know one thing
Despite our ages
Despite our pasts
Despite our differences
I am whole again
Just by seeing him smile
If that isn't love
Then screw it
'Cause it's good enough for me