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Five year old Jack Howard looked outside the window of the car as he examined his new home. He had just moved to from the city to the suburbs. It was really hard for him to leave his old home and move to a new place. The neighborhood was much more different from the city, much more quiet, pleasant and inviting. "Wow! This house is really amazing." He said to his father excitedly. It was a simple two story house much better than the old apartment they were living in.

Jonathan smiled at his son as he turned off the car and started to take their belongings out of their mini-van. "It sure is son, your mother and I had a hard time looking for a house like this, and we knew you would like it."

"Jack, come over here and help us carry our things into the house." His mother motioned to him as she handed him a small box to carry. "Now go on Jack we need to get all our stuff inside before the rest of the furniture arrives later."

"Yes mom." Jack hurriedly carried the box into the house and over to an empty room, this was to be his room. He examined the whole room and made sure that everything was fine, and then he looked out the window. He saw that his window was facing the window of the house in front of them. He started at the window for quite sometime and noticed that someone was looking back. Jack was startled when his mother called him, so he hurriedly went out onto the driveway to get the other boxes.


"Look mom, there are new people moving in next door to us." Sarah Gilbert told her mother as she took a peek outside the window of her room and saw that there were people moving things out of their car into the empty house next door. Oh, new neighbors, well let me prepare something for them." Her mother replied as she went out of the room.

Sarah saw someone enter the room that was facing her window, so she came closer to the window and observed the person who just entered the room. He was a small boy, maybe around her age, Sarah deduced. He was placing his things in the room then he remained to examine the whole room. Sarah was surprised when the boy curiously peeked out the window and found her staring at him. She wanted to move away from the window and break eye contact but he innocent and intoxicating eyes were pulling him to her. Then the boy suddenly left the room. After that Sarah took a moment to breathe when she noticed that she was holding her breath.


Jane approached the couple while they were taking out the last few boxes from their car. "Good Morning neighbors! I see that you are new here, welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Jane Gilbert and this is my daughter Sarah." Then she handed them a batch of cookies which Jack's mother, accepted willingly.

"Thank You, Good morning to you too, I'm Jonathan Howard and this is my wife Elizabeth" "Hello I'm Elizabeth nice to meet you." She introduced herself as she shook hands with Jane.

"It seems like both of you are tired from moving all those boxes, do you mind if we invite you over to our house for dinner later so we can know more about each other. And besides I think you two are too exhausted to prepare dinner." Jane asked the couple.

"No it's too much to ask from you. We just moved here and you don't even know us," Jonathan replied. "It's ok, really, my family will be glad to have you and I think we can get to know each other a little better."

"If you insist, but I still think it's a bit too much."

"It's really no problem."

"Well Thank You Jane you're really nice, we'll come by later."

"It's no problem."

Just then Jack walked out of the house and went over to the car to pick up the last boxe. "Hey mom where do I put these?" He asked.

"Put those down for a minute, and come on over here. I'd like to introduce you to someone." Elizabeth motioned Jack to come over. "Jack, this is Jane and Sarah Gilbert, they live next door."

Jack looked over to the pretty lady talking to his mother and the little girl standing next beside her. He looked at the girl more carefully, there was no doubt that she was the one he saw earlier through the window. Jack saw the girl getting scared being stared at so she hid behind her mother. "Hello nice to meet you." He said to both of them and smiled.

"What a cute boy!" Jane said as she went closer to Jack. "Your son in very adorable." Jack blushed and looked down to hide his embarrassment, he saw a smile forming in the girl's mouth.

"How old are you Jack?" Jane asked him.

"Five," Jack answered quickly. "Oh really? You just as old as Sarah is,"

Jack looked at the little girl and examined her more carefully. She had black hair and a cute face. But what entranced him were her intense blue eyes. There were looking at each other again, Jack could feel the uncertainty through her eyes. She was very quiet; and she hasn't said a word since the conversation started. Maybe she was shy Jack thought. So he approached her and put out his hand. "Hello my name's Jack,"

Sarah just looked at him, unsure on what to do. She was very hesitant when talking to strangers, especially weird one who kept staring at her. "Go on Sarah go say hi to him," Jane nudged Sarah to greet Jack. "Hi," She squeaked and Jack smiled at her. He took out a piece of candy and gave it to her. "Here take it, it helps you me when I'm feeling nervous." Sarah carefully reached out and took the piece of candy. She looked at his eyes and found that they were somewhat warm and inviting.

"What do you say Sarah?" Jane asked her daughter. "Thank You." she whispered and curved her lips into a small smile. "Well we better go; it was nice meeting you, see you all at dinner." Jane said as she took Sarah's hand and waved goodbye at them.

Jack was still looking at Sarah and smiled at her again. While Sarah kept looked back at him as put the candy into her mouth and walked back towards her house.


The Howards knocked on the door and waited outside. "Now Jack, please behave yourself and don't go breaking things, it's been nice of them already to invite us for dinner." Jonathan warned his son. Being a trouble maker, all Jack could do was nod and say yes.

The door then opened, and a man that looked as old as his father stood at the door. "Well hello there, you must be the Jack and Elizabeth come on in we're expecting you, by the way I'm Mark Gilbert." he introduced as he shook hands with Jonathan.

"Come inside, dinner is ready," Jane appeared in the hallway and motioned them inside the dining room.


After dinner, the adults talked about their jobs and other matters, while Jack uninterested and bored decided to go to the living room. He sat down the couch, and took out some candy.

"Can I have some more?"

Jack jumped off the couch, surprised by Sarah standing behind him. "You're funny!" Sarah laughed as she took a seat beside him. Jack took out another piece of candy and offered it to her. "Here you go, but I'm sorry it's not like the other one I gave you earlier."

"It's Ok," Sarah put the piece of candy in her mouth and put her hand out to him. "My names Sarah Gilbert," she smiled at him. Jack took her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you Sarah," The two children sat by the couch the whole night, and shared the rest of the candy Jack brought with him.

"You eat candies a lot don't you?" She asked him.

"Well yeah, I it calms me down whenever I feel nervous plus it's delicious too."

"But I saw on TV that if you eat a lot of sweets you teeth might fall out." Sarah stated all knowingly.

"That's why you have to brush your teeth thoroughly every time." Jack smiled and showed her his white teeth.

"Wow, you have nice teeth. Unlike you I don't like brushing my teeth." Sarah pouted as Jack offered more candy.

"Now you have to brush them more carefully."

"Hey, you wanna watch TV?" Sarah asked.

Jack nodded as Sarah sat closer to him while she turned on the TV.

They were already asleep on the couch when their parents found them. "Oh there they are, look at them they're so cute." Jane smiled "Wait I'll go get the camera," Mark then sped up the stairs to get the camera.

Mark got back and took a snapshot of them. "I think our daughter made a new friend today." Mark then carried Sarah and took her to her room.


Jonathan also carried his son and proceeded to go home. "Thank You Mark, Jane for having us over, we had a great time." "No problem Jonathan, anytime."

As Jonathan and Elizabeth were walking home, they talked about Jack. "I think our son in becoming quite good at making friends, don't you agree Jonathan?" Elizabeth asked. "Yes indeed, our son is quite a charmer although he does get into a lot of trouble; well we better look after him but I think he can handle himself." Jonathan immediately went to Jack's room as they entered the house and tucked his son into bed.


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