Through the mists you can see that my soul is dying
Obscured by the morning air, obscured by despair
Veiled in the gloom, a silent tomb
My path is hidden, shrouded, breaking up beneath my feet
The fears that hide deep inside - you can see them in my eyes
My aura speaks of the treason I have committed to myself
It speaks of how I hold myself back and won't allow myself to see
It is my own fears that creates the mist that shrouds me
It is my own fears that hide my future from my sight
Only I can set myself free
A prisoner in my own mind, locked in the manacles of self doubt
A secure fortress to which only I hold the key
But my self-doubt holds it ever away from me
Taunting, teasing, mocking, destroying all I believe in
My keeper and my captive, always with me
Vigilant, malevolent, the evil that lurks within
Someday I may cast it aside
Allow optimism to become my guides
Hopes and dreams may be set free
The mist might diminish and the sun shine through
Though never to shine as brightly as I do
My soul is a star that lights up the vaults of the heavens
Never to be allowed to fade
Or to be cast in the shade.
I WILL be free!