Future Past Script

Future Past: A wars end Act 1: A war reborn Scene 1: The 4th attempt

Scene: President Adam head of the Kronos Faction executes an attack on MAGI base as part of operation anti-god. The purpose of this mission is to destroy the hidden MAGI lab controlled by Mavrick Industries. On this base Mavrick Industries was creating a race of artificial gods known as the Nephilim. It is unknown what the purposes behind the Nephilim are at this time.

A B-2 stealth bomber is sent out to commence the first evolution of operation anti-god. The scene starts out on a cold fall night with the calmness of the water and the moon just beginning to rise up above. The peacefulness is quickly interrupted by the B-2's low ASL (Above Sea Level). As the B-2 passes, MAGI (Mavrick Auxiliary of Genetic Investigation) island is shown. Within the cock pit the pilot reports into base as the aircraft rumbles from the low ASL and rain splashes on the windows and the craft's warning sirens are going off.

Pilot: This is Godless, operation anti-god is a go.

Commands are giving from the command center of Kronos hall located several miles away on the Vigrid peninsula. The command center consists of several super computers which are being controlled by a staff of 23. General Evilians gives orders from her seat located on a high raise the circles half of the room.

General Evilians: Commence operation anti-god.

The Pilot responds through the intercoms located in the command center.

Pilot's Voice: Roger that.

The B-2 increases it's ASL and does a catapult launching off several AGMs (Air to ground missiles). Two other formations of B-2s come from the sides as they release there arsenal two at a time. The fleets immediately leave after they have depleted their arsenals. Off on the island Mavrick personal begin to gather as the invasion sirens go off and the base is lit up. Mavrick forces are seen running through the hall ways of their base grabbing their equipment and preparing for battle. Major General Ian head of MAGI base gives out orders.

Ian: All units to their detonated stations! Activate all defensive auxiliaries!

MAGI base turns into a full blown out military base as missile launches and other defensive weaponry is activated. General Evilians

Evilians: Commence the next evolution.

Several vessels are sent towards MAGI Island carrying troops. The vessels are being attacked rapidly by enemy missiles.

Lieutenant Heron stands looking up at the stars. The wind rushes through his hair and water splashing up against him as he smokes his cigarette that has become soggy from salt water. He soon takes the cigarette out of his mouth throwing it into the sea below.

Lieutenant Heron: All forces prepare for battle! Remember your orders and do not stray from your companies unless otherwise ordered from above!

Heron runs his hand through his hair and looks up at the night sky one last time. He then prepares for battle activating his night vision goggles and MDB (Mana Defense Barrier).

The vessels soon reach land as the forces quickly depart and organize into companies and fall into battle with Mavrick forces that have already collected near the island's edge waiting for the attack. Lieutenant Heron follows behind as he watches for enemy troops.

Lieutenant Heron: Commence the next evolution!

The Kronos forces and Mavrick forces quickly battle it out. Lieutenant Heron organizes the companies giving out orders trying to calm the confusion of battle.

Lieutenant Heron: Alpha, penetrate section 2! Bravo and Papa take out the main defense.

The Kronos forces are equipped with a variety of arsenals. Each member is equipped with a MDB which glows blue at first and turns red when inversed and switched to MAB (Mana Attack Barrier) mode. The Mavrick forces are equipped with a similar technology except there barriers are green and are able to act as both a defensive and offensive barrier. Both forces are equipped with mana power auxiliary.

As they battle it out Kronos and Mavrick forces are killed left and right. Mavrick forces the entire time are forming up within the facilities as they are sent out in units. The lab's defenses are being quickly taken out by Kronos GAUs (Ground to Air Units; they are units equipped with low powered flight armor.).

The Kronos forces soon over power the outnumbered Maverick forces. The Mavrick forces soon realize they have no chance of defending themselves against the Kronos attack. The head of MAGI labs Major General Ian stands in the Command Center of MAGI Labs located on he far north bridge of the labs. General Ian opts to release the Nephilim.

Ian: There's no other choice. Release them now!

Sergeant: Sir! It's too early to release them! There's no way of controlling such a creature!

Ian: I don't care! I'm not going to let my years of work be wasted! Release them now!

Sergeant: General, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Ian pulls out a gun and aims it at the Sergeant as the rest of the personal watches as several members of the personal back away into hiding.

Ian: Do it now!

Sergeant: I will have no part in.

Ian shoots the Sergeant. As his blood splashes on Ian's face. The rest of the personal in the room backs away from Ian as a few of them run off.

Ian: (wiping off the blood) I have no room for insubordination.

Ian walks up to the controls to release the safety for the Nephilim's containment centers.

Ian: (Grabbing one of the lead operators) Tell me the password!

Operator: I, I don't know!

Ian throws him against the wall and shoves his gun into his head.

Ian: Maybe I should go for two.

Operator: I'm not lying!

Ian shoots him as he pulls the gun from his head as blood drips from the muzzle.

Ian: (Aiming his gun at the rest of the staff) Tell me now!

The rest of the staff runs off as Ian attempts to shot them. Ian is soon left alone in the control center.

Ian: (Punching the monitor causing it to crack and blood to drip from his hand.) Damn you all to hell! Fuck the password!

Ian backs away from the control panel and pulls out his gun shooting the control panel shorting out the containment center defenses.

The Nephilim start to pound against the walls of their containment center as the personal near by run off. The Nephilim soon break free as they fly out across the battle grounds. Their growls are heard across the base.

Note: The Nephilim are dragon like creatures that range from ten to fifteen feet in height. Their arms are about three feet long and are able to extend and contract. They also are able to alter their physical form in order to perform a verity of attacks. Ian watches through the window of the command center laughing.

Ian: This will teach them! This will teach them not to mess with Mavrick Industries!

Ian laughs psychotically as watches them fly out and attack the Kronos forces. Kronos forces try to fight back but don't stand a chance. Ian watches still laughing as a Nephilim lands next to the control center of MAGI base as its eyes glow and stare at Ian.

Ian: So I see.

The Nephilim destroys the control center as Heron sees the explosion from far off.

Heron: They couldn't of! All forces counter the Nephilim!

The Lieutenant radios into Kronos hall.

Heron: Lieutenant Heron to Kronos hall. Mavrick forces have initiated case Ragnarok.

General Evilians: This is impossible; they don't even stand a chance! Order a retreat! There is no way in hell we have any chance against an enemy as outrageous as the Nephilim.

Adam: Disregard that order Lieutenant.

Evilians: Sir you can't be serous! They don't even stand a chance! (Turns away from Adam) Reorder that retreat!

Adam: General Evilians; Do you really think they even have a chance of retreat?

Evilians: Sir I'm not about to just let my men die! There is no way of winning this battle to fight it is futile.

Adam: You seem to forget, they are not men but soldiers. It is their duty and honor to fight till the end.

Evilians: Sir you can't seriously think about sacrificing our men when you know all too well that there is no chance of success! You are doing nothing more then pointlessly sacrificing their lives.

Adam: But general, you also tend to forget that they have no chance of retreat. I would much rather have them fight till the end and defeat a few of the enemy then attempt to retreat and have no survivors.

Evilians: I will not stand for it! Lieutenant reissue that retreat!

Adam: General Evilians! My I remind you to follow your chain of command!

Evilians: I'm sorry, but I will not stand and watch my men die!

Adam: Evilians, there is no place for someone like you in the time of war! If you refuse to follow your orders then I will be forced to have you taken away.

Evilians: Do as you wish, at least I won't have the blood of the lives of those who respect me on my hands!

Adam: Very well, you leave with me with no choice. Guards! Take Evilians to her barracks.

Evilians: Adam?! Are you just going to sit there and watch the lives of the men who put trust in you die!

Adam: General, I don't believe I ever told them to have faith in me. Now take her away!

Evilians: I'm sorry Adam but I can not respect someone that doesn't even respect the lives of his own men!

The guards walk up to Evilians to have her taken away. The guards begin to restrain her.

Evilians: I do not need to be dragged out! I will leave on my own! (Evilians pushes the guards away and walks away and returning her barracks.) Adam I can't believe you would have so little faith in your own men!

Evilians slams the doors.

Adam: Good day Ms. Evilians. (Turns around back to the control room) Lieutenant continue fighting the enemy. I'm sorry it had to end this way. You were an excellent subordinate.

Heren: Understood sir. And sir it was an honor serving under you.

Adam: (To the personal in the control room) We are done here. Disband!

Adam walks out of the control room while back on the battle field Heren orders the forces to fight back against the Nephilim as they are quickly taken over.

As the mutilation continues a Nephilim flies and lands onto the battle grounds as it screams. The scene quickly ends.