Scene 17: A Fire's Grave

The fire is extinguished and only the logs where they sit stand. The scene quickly changes to a light hitting a cave wall as it moves back and forth. Paige is holding a rusty lantern as she follows the others.

Paige: I can't believe we found a lantern here.

Kang: We aren't the first to enter these caves.

Amida: We're not?

Kang: There were several attempts to achieve the fire pendant in the past. No one was ever able to achieve it.

Amida: Then what makes you think we will?

Alexander: Because unlike the rest of them we actually know what we are doing.

Paige: We do?

Kang: (Laughing) As surprising at that may seem.

Amida: So where exactly are we going in these caves?

Kang: If my research about this cave is correct we have to first find our way to the center of the cave and take a path downward about on hundred feet till we run into lava.

Paige: Lava?!

Alexander: This cave is connected to an active volcano.

Kang: Actually, we are going to enter the volcano, this cave is just the entrance.

Amida: What a minute. We are seriously entering a volcano?

Kang: Don't worry about it that much, it has erupted in ages. Anyway we would have plenty of time to escape if anything happened.

Alexander: We have greater things to worry about anyway.

Kang: You mean the salamanders?

Paige: Salamanders? You mean those little newt like things?

Alexander: Except these so called newt like things are about twice the size of you.

Amida: How's that even possible?

Kang: I'm not sure exactly. I known that a lot of the creatures around here have higher levels of mana then other places, but ever since that earthquake a while back they seem to have been expending.

Paige: What caused that earthquake?

Alexander: We shouldn't be too far from the center of the caves, lets talk about this later.

Amida: (To himself) Why do you always change subjects? What are you thinking?

Paige: If you want. How far anyway?

Kang: If I'm correct we should be right there once we cross over those rocks.

Alexander makes his way up the rocks and looks back down at Kang and the others

Alexander: It's blocked off.

Kang: The earth quake must of blocked the path.

Paige: What are we going to do know?

Alexander: (Jumping back down) We'll I think he could use some practice anyway.

Amida: Huh?

Alexander: (Smirking) You are the earth keeper after all.

Amida: I don't use magic.

Kang: Just give it a shot. We were able to use it before.

Amida: Fine. (Amida walks up to the rocks and puts his hand down) Don't laugh!

Paige: What would we laugh about?

Amida: Just. nevermind.

Amida closes his eyes and tries to use magic to move the rocks.

Kang: You need to let your mind go free. If you try to force it, it won't work.

Amida: Alright. (Amida relaxes and tries again after trying for a while he stops.) It's still not working.

Alexander: (Laughing) Maybe if I stab him in the arm again he will be able to do it.

Amida: (Glaring at Alexander) You're not helping much you know.

Paige: Just try again.

Kang: Think back to when you used it before.

Amida: Think back.

Amida remembers back to the fight with Yowai.

Amida: (to himself) I can't lose here. Janus.. (out loud) I won't let your death go without being avenged!

Amida removes his hand from his shoulder letting it hang from his side. Amida looks down at the ground as his hair covers his face. The pendant under his shirt start to vibrate as the ground around him starts to lift crumble around.

Yowai: Huh?

Amida: I won't lose to you. I won't lose. (Looking up at Yowai) I won't lose!

Amida's eye begin to glow brown as the ground shoots up and attacks Yowai.

Yowai: (Dodging) What in the hell?!

Amida holds his hand on the rocks.

Amida: That's it!

Amida focuses on his hand as his hair begins to rise. The rocks soon start to shake.

Paige: He's doing it!

The rocks soon start cracking as the ground under Amida starts to sink in.

Kang: Just a little more.

Amida yells as the rocks explode opening a hole. Amida lets go of the rocks slowly and moves back breathing heavily.

Alexander: Not too bad for your first time. You still have a lot of work to do though.

Paige: I can't believe it. He just learned how to use magic a few weeks ago and he can already do this?!

Kang: He's different then the rest of us.

Amida: I would prefer it if you didn't talk to me in second person.

Kang: (Laughing rubbing the back of his neck) I guess that is kind of rude.

Alexander: Let's just get going already. (Walks ahead of them brushing Amida to the side as he climbs over the rocks.) I can see it! The volcano is right in front of us!

Amida and the others run up to where Alexander is.

Kang: There it is. Just a hundred feet down and we should be heading towards the core of the volcano.

Paige: It's kind of steep isn't it?

Amida: You'll be fine. Let's just hurry up and get out of here.

Amida and the others make their way down into the volcano. A river of lava flows next to them as ashes fly across the caves. The cave is lit up red from the lava

Paige: It's so hot.

Kang: We should be alright long as we don't get too close to the lava. Also. (Digging into his pocket and pulling out a bottle.) This might help you a little.

Amida: What is it?

Kang: It's a potion used to help reduce the effects of heat on the body.

Alexander: I don't need anything.

Paige: (Sweating) I could use it.

Kang: (Tossing Paige the bottle.)Just use a little. It's effect can be quite powerful and lethal if miss used.

Paige: Lethal?!

Kang: Don't worry about it. Just dab a little on your skin and you should be fine.

Amida: (Looking at Alexander) I think I'll be fine as well.

Kang: Do as you wish.

Paige puts on the medicine and tosses back the bottle as they talk.

Amida: We are we going now by the way?

Kang: Well to the center of the volcano.

Paige: Well which why is that?

Alexander walks off upstream leaving the other's behind.

Paige: Where are you going?

Alexander: To the center.

Amida: How do you even know which why is right?

Alexander: (Looking at the lava flow) I'm just heading downstream.

Kang: (Laughing) Sometimes it pays to think.

Kang and the rest of them head downstream. A salamander crawls out of the lava and watches them as it hisses its tongue. Amida and the others arrive to a dead end were the lava blocks there path.

Amida: How are we going to get over this?

Alexander: It's too far to jump it. We need to find something to block the flow.

Amida: (Looking at Kang) Kang.

Kang: What is it?

Amida: Can't you use that potion you used at Phlegethon?

Kang: I don't have any of it made right now. If you give me a while I can try and make up some more.

Alexander: We should take a rest anyway.

The salamander from before pops its head out of the lava and watches them. Its pupils open up and slowly swims up near them as the others are talking.

Paige: I can't wait until we get off this stupid island.

Amida: It won't be that much longer.

Alexander slowly moves his hand to his sword.

Alexander: We're being watch.

Alexander runs off towards the lava drawing his sword and stopping right at the rocks edge. The salamander jumps out of the lava and attacks Alexander as he turns to his side dodging its attack.

Amida: What in the.

Paige: Alexander!

The salamander lands onto the ground and burst into flames as it sticks its tongue out at Alexander. Amida draws his sword and runs up to Alexander.

Kang: (Looking up from his medicines) Alexander try and keep it from the lava! You can't let it retreat there will be no way of attacking it!

Alexander: I already know that! (Alexander jumps over the salamander as he slashes its back, he lands blocking its retreat to the lava) Amida don't let it escape!

Amida: It shouldn't be that difficult to stop it.

The salamander screams out of pain from Alexander's attack. It moves its head back and forth and rams it into Amida. Amida is knocked back as he saves his fall with his hand as he rotates landing on his left foot and right knee. Amida's sword is aimed at the salamander as he stands back up and attacks back.

Amida: You bastard!

The salamander spins around trying to bash Amida with its tail. Amida jumps up dodging the attack as Alexander slashes it in the head causing it the scream.

Alexander: This isn't even a real fight.

The salamander goes nuts and starts screaming even loader as the cave walls start to shake.

Paige: What the hell is happening?!

Kang: We need to get out of here now! There's no time!

Amida: What is going on?!

Alexander: Its calling for help! We have to get out of here now!

The lava starts to bubble as it quickly starts splashing side to side as salamanders start emerging from the lava's depths.

Alexander: Is that potion done yet?!

Kang: I still need more time! Just hold them off for now!

Paige: Shit! (Paige pulls out her bo and spins it around stabbing it into the ground.)

Alexander: Amida don't let any of them reach Kang or Paige! I'll take out as many as possible!

Amida: (Nodding) Understood. (Looking at Paige) Don't try fighting them just protect Kang!

Paige: (Looking at Amida) You need my help!

Amida: It's too dangerous you'll get hurt!

Alexander: Amida leave her alone! Just focus on the enemy!

The salamanders crawl out of the lava and from holes in the ceiling as they corner them. Alexander swipes his sword slashing several of them. Amida's hair raises as he positions his sword.

Alexander: Don't try using magic! Your power isn't strong enough! You need to focus on your swordsmanship; we can worry about using magic in battle later!

Amida: I can handle it! I'll be fine!

Alexander: I'm telling you not to! You're going to get yourself killed!

Amida: Since when do I take orders from you?! I'm using magic!

A salamander jumps at Amida as he tries to use magic to block it. Amida is not quick enough as the salamander almost hits but it is knocked back a ball of wind. Amida looks over and sees that Paige casted the spell.

Amida: Paige.

Paige: Just stop them!

The salamanders lounge at Amida as he rolls on his back kicking them up in the air as he jumps back on his feet and slashes them. Alexander takes his sword and flicks it causing an entire of gang of salamanders to fling off into the cave walls as blood flies from their cuts.

Amida: What the hell.

Alexander: Amida just keep fighting!

A salamander attacks Paige as she blocks it with her bo as she castes a spell causing the salamander to turn into ice. She takes her bo and breaks the salamander into pieces.

Alexander: How much longer?!

Amida: Screw the potion! Paige turn the lava into ice!

Paige: I can't! My magic isn't strong enough!

Alexander: Just keep fighting! (Knocking back a salamander)

Kang: Amida try and use your magic to make a bridge of rock. Just be careful about the lava! Don't let it splash up on you!

Amida: I can try.

Amida tries to use magic to create a bridge of rock, as he tries the cave begins to shake. Amida stops as a salamander attacks him and he slices it into two.

Amida: I can't do it! It'll cause a cave in!

Kang: Shit! Just hold on a little while! I'm almost done!

The salamanders continue attack as they fight them off. Paige uses magic as Alexander and Amida use their swords.

Amida: Screw this I'm using magic!

Alexander: Don't be stupid! You'll just cause a cave in!

Amida: I can do this! (Amida's hair raises as he stabs his sword into the ground and causes spikes to shoot up out of the ground. The spikes stab into the salamanders as Amida releases his sword taking rock with it that surrounds his sword.) I'm going to kill you all!

Amida screams as he takes his sword and slashes at a salamander. As it dodges Amida uses the rock around his sword to expand out and stab the salamander.

Kang: Just a little longer!

The salamanders continue attacking as on knocks Paige down onto the ground as she shots off a ball of ice at the ceiling above.

Amida: Paige! (Amida runs up and knocks the salamander off of her as he blocks two others that attack right after.)

Kang: Done! (Kang gets up and throws the potion into the lava causing it to harden and turn into ice.) Hurry we don't have much time!

Alexander nods as he knocks away the rest of the salamanders and runs towards the bridge and slides across. The others follow as the bridge melts and is covered by lava again.

Alexander: They are still attacking! We have to retreat!

Amida and the others retreat towards the center of the volcano.

Kang: Amida use your magic to cause a cave in behind us!

Alexander: Amida don't do it! It will block our path out later on!

Kang: Shit! Just keep running!

As they run they knock back as many as they can. Finally they make it to the volcano's core where there is a huge reservoir of lava surrounded by rock.

Amida: We are at the core! Now what?!

Alexander: We have to stop these things before we can do anything!

Kang: Amida just keep running towards the very center! Trust me they will stop following us!

Amida: Alright!

Amida runs towards the center of the core as the volcano begins to shake.

Amida: (Stopping) What in the hell?!

Paige: It's going to erupt!

Kang: Just relax and watch.

The salamanders begin to run as the ground shakes.

Alexander: Kang what is happening?!

Kang: The final trial of the caves.

Amida: The final trial?

The lave from behind Amida erupts as Amida turns around and sees a monster appear from the lava. It lands onto the ground and growls. The monster is a large wolf with brown fur. Amida backs away and positions his sword.

Amida: The hell is that thing?!

Monster: How dare you call me a thing!

Paige: It can talk?!

Monster: Why do you enter the caves of Loki?!

Amida: Loki?

Kang: Loki is the name of the fire guardian. If I am correct that monster's name is actually Fenrir, he is one of the three children of Loki.

Fenrir: Why do you enter the caves of Loki?!

Paige: (To Kang) Three? You mean there are two others?!

Kang: (To Paige) Precisely.

Alexander: (Interrupting Kang and Paiges conversation) We enter to obtain the powers of the pendant.

Fenrir: Only one may obtain the pendant's powers. For who is it that wishes to obtain such power?!

Amida: That person would be myself.

Fenrir: For what reasons do you wish to obtain such power?

Alexander: He seeks the power in order to obtain the strength to defeat the greatest of enemies.

Fenrir: Those who seek power to kill only end up killing themselves at the end.

Amida: I don't have time to play with you. Just tell me what I have to do to obtain the pendant!

Fenrir: You need only to cross my master's bridge.

Amida: Bridge?

Paige: Why can't he just give you the pendant?

Kang: The guardians set up trails in order to test potential keepers. Only those who are worthy of such power my be blessed by the guardians to use it.

Amida: I don't care about the trials. Can we just get this stupid thing over with?

Fenrir: What you may call stupid may not be called stupid by another.

Amida: If all I have to do is cross a bridge then I'll do it.

Fenrir: Do as you wish, but I warn you there is no running away once you have started the trails of Loki.

Amida: Like I care.

Amida begins to walk towards the bridge as Paige and the others follow.

Fenrir: Only the one that wishes the obtain the power of Loki my cross! All others shall stand behind!

Paige: Wait a second! What.

Amida: Paige. It's alright, just stay back. I don't need your help.

Alexander: Just get this over with already.

Kang: Amida remember there are still two others.

Amida: I'm not worried about that.

Amida walks to the bridge as Fenrir blocks the path with his tail.

Fenrir: You have chosen to cross the bridge of Loki, you can no longer turn around!

Fenrir glows red as the ground around Amida and the bridge erupts causing lava to block his escape and the others from helping him.

Paige: Amida!

Alexander: Don't worry about it. He will be fine.

Amida: So I see.

Amida slowly draws out his sword and points it at Fenrir.

Amida: Move.

Fenrir: I move for no one.

Amida takes his sword and slashes it against the ground causing rock to fly at Fenrir. Fenrir jumps out of the way and lands behind Amida.

Fenrir: It will take more then rocks to defeat me!

Amida: Just shut up and fight already!

Amida runs towards Fenrir and swings his sword. Fenrir dodges to the side as he swings his tail at Amida as Amida blocks it with his tail and slashes it. Fenrir roars as he knocks Amida back to the ground with his tail.

Fenrir: You will pay for that!

Amida: I told you to shut the hell up!

Amida jumps above Fenrir as he points his sword downward and comes down towards Fenrir as he summersaults into the air and tries to hit Amida again with his tail. Amida turns to his side dodging as he hits the ground stabbing it with his sword. Fenrir lands as Amida uses magic to cause spikes to shoot out after Fenrir. Fenrir dodges them jumping place to place.

Fenrir: Earth magic?!

Amida: This is only a warm up!

Fenrir: So I see. you already are the earth keeper. But why then? Why are you after both the earth and the fire pendants?!

Amida: That is for only me to know.

Fenrir: No human can control the powers of two pendants. You are going to kill yourself trying to control such power!

Amida: We will see about that!

Amida slashes the ground as he pulls out his sword. As he pulls out his sword he pulls the earth up with him as it flies towards Fenrir. Fenrir blast through the rock with his claws as he swipes at Amida as he blocks it with his sword now covered in rock. The two of the struggle back and forth as Amdia moves his sword to the side letting Fenrir's claws to pass as he spins around slashing Fenrir's arm. Fenrir roars causing the cave ceiling to rumble as stalactites fall down upon Amida. Amida is knocked down by one of them as his sword slides away from him.

Paige: Amida!

Alexander: Get up!

Fenrir: (Walking up to Amida's collapsed body) You should of waited until you were stronger. Sadly though those who choose to obtain the power of Loki must be willing to sacrifice there lives in the process. I truly feel sorry for such a lost. (Raising his claw into the air.) Goodbye brave one.

Paige: (Screaming as she runs towards the lava and tries to jump across) Amida!

Alexander grabs her and throws her to the ground.

Alexander: What are you insane?!

Paige: We can't just sit here!

Kang: Paige. This is the truth of a warrior's life. We must always keep focus no matter how drastic the case.

Paige: I'm not a warrior!

Alexander: No you are not. (Walking away) You don't belong here.

Paige: What?

Alexander: You have no right being here! You are weak! You'll only get yourself killed!

Kang: Alexander, leave her alone for now. (Looking over at Amida) We have more important things to worry about now.

Fenrir: Goodbye.

Fenrir lowers his claws slashing them towards Amida. Fenrir stops right before hitting Amida as he coughs out blood. Fenrir backs away slowly as Amida removes his sword of rock out of his chest.

Amida: Do not underestimate my strength.

Fenrir: But how?

Amida: You are weak.

Fenrir drops to the ground as his eyes close.

Paige: Amida?

Kang: (Laughing) It pays to be patient you know.

Paige hits Kang and looks at Amida.

Paige: Good luck.

Kang: (Rubbing his head) Amida remember there are still two others!

Amida: (Kneeling down to Fenrir as he closes his eyes) Farwell. (Standing up and looking over at Kang) I know. (looks at the bridge.) Now then let's end this. (Amida walks over and picks up his sword)

Amida steps onto the bridge as it begins to shake. The lava below begins to boil. Amida slowly makes his way across the bridge to the halfway point. The bridge begins to shake as Amida holds to the side.

Amida: What the hell.

Amida looks up across the bridge and notices a cat slowly crossing.

Amida: What the hell is a cat doing here?

The cat walks up to Amida and rubs its body up against him and purrs. Amida backs away drawing his sword at it.

Amida: Who the hell are you?!

Amida swings his sword at the cat as jumps away to the edge of the bridge as it loses balance and starts to fall of the bridge. The cat claws to the bridge trying to stay on.

Amida: Shit!

Amida runs up towards the cat to save it as it. The cat falls into he lava below right before he is able to save it.

Amida: Damn it! (Sheathing his sword) What the hell was that? (The bridge shakes as Amida backs away holding the side of the bridge. ) Not again.

The lava under Amida boils as Amida slowly pulls out his sword once again. Amida looks down at the lava and secures his footing. The lava starts to boil more and more and soon was monster flies out of the lava. It is a huge serpent shaped creature with red eyes and brown skin.

Amida: So you are the second one.

Kang: That is Jormungand! He is the second son of Loki!

Jormungand: You will not pass this bridge! No one shall pass!

Amida: This thing is really starting to annoy me.

Jormungand: I shall end it now if you wish, but there is no escape!

Amida: (Looking to the side) I kind of liked him better as a cat.

Jormungand: Your earth magic will not work on this bridge.

Amida: I don't need magic to defeat you!

Amida runs up and attacks Jormungand. Jormungand retreats back into the lava as he begins to shoot up lava at Amida.

Amida: Shit! How can I attack him when he's all the way done there?!

Jormungand: It's useless admit defeat and die without a fight!

Amida: Just shut up! Your kind is really starting to bug the hell out of me!

Amida uses magic to cause the stalactites to fall from the ceiling and towards Jormungand. Jormungand dodges them as Amida continues to cause them to fall at him.

Jormungand: It's useless!

Jormungand flies up and knocks Amida off the bridge as he graps the side.

Amida: Shit!

Amida climbs back onto the bridge.

Amida: If you don't want to fight me up close I'll make you! (Amida runs towards the end of the bridge as Jormungand flies up and blocks his path.

Jormungand: How dare you!

Amida: Now I got you where I want you!

Amida slashes Jormungand as he dodges to the side. Amida slips around him and starts running to the end of the bridge.

Jormungand: Damn you!

Jormngand blocks his path once again.

Amida: You have no choice but to stand there and fight me! The second you retreat I will get one step closer to the end of the bridge!

Jormungand: You will never reach the end!

Amida attacks Jormungand as he blocks his sword slowly backing towards the end of the bridge. Amida continues forcing him back towards the end of the bridge as Jormungand keeps blocking. Jormangand tries to knock Amida off the bridge with his tail but Amida jumps and stabs it. Jormangand screams as he begins to retreat but stops once Amida begins to run to the end of the bridge. Jormangand tries to attack Amida but is unable to stop him with his small arms. Amida takes his sword and cuts on of his arms off.

Amida: You don't stand a chance!

Jorumangand: This can't be! You can't even use magic!

Amida: You didn't plan out your battle strategy. You are not a close up fighter but you can not prevent me from crossing if you fight from a distance. This fight was decided from the start!

Jorumangand: I won't let you pass!

Jorumangand rushes at Amida trying to knock him off the bridge. Amida jumps over his head and slices his back open. Jorumangand screams as he lands onto the bridge causing it to snap in half.

Amida: Fuck!

Amida grabs onto the side of the bridge as it falls towards the lava. He holds on to the side of the bridge and hangs from the side of the ledge. He watches Jorumangand fall to his death within the lava.

Paige: Amida!

Kang: Paige, you have to stop that! He'll be alright.

Alexander: He is almost done anyway. There is nothing to worry about.

As the ashes from the flames fly up at Amida his hair waves side to side. Amida slowly makes his way up.

Amida: Just one more.

Amida climps up to the very top and beings to pull himself up as a girl appears. The girl is extremely buetiful on one side as her other side is extremely burned.

Amida: You can't stop me now! I made it across!

The girl looks at Amida and doesn't say a word.

Amida: I passed your trail! I crossed the bridge! Now let me se Loki!

Girl: No.

Amida: What?!

The girl pushes Amida off of the ledge and into the lava. Paige sees Amida falling into the lava.

Paige: (Screaming as tears come out of her eyes as she jumps over the lava towards Amida) Amida!

Kang: Paige! (Kang runs up towards Paige as she tries to jump over the lava.

Alexander: Stupid!

Alexander jumps out and catches Paige as she is jumping over the lava. Kang stops and watches as Alexander takes his sword and stabs the side of the ledge and swings back with Paige. Paige cries and grabs Alexander.

Paige: Amida! Amida! (Screaming) Amida!

Paige's screams echo as the scene focuses on the girl. The scene cuts out as the act ends.