Young Jecab and Little Semaj were two very curious owls. One day, they were talking to a wise old owl named Mistar Conundrum. They asked him about the sun and the moon, and this is what he told them:
"Long ago, the sun and the moon shared the sky. The sun, Sefem, was a very peaceful creature, and was happy to share the space. However, the moon, Ditmel, was always scheming of ways to get everything.
"So, Sefem, how about wagering a small bet with me? Winner gets the sky." Ditmel offered.
"Ditmel, I have known you a long time. I was afraid this day would come. Okay, what do you propose?" Sefem agreed.
"What do I propose? I propose that whoever can provide the people peace, shall get the sky." Ditmel said.
Sefem chuckled. "No, they get the sky longer. Life is not supposed to be entirely peaceful."
"Well," Ditmel hesitated, "I suppose you're right, and those were our instructions."
"So we agree!" Sefem exclaimed. "Who goes first?"
"You can, after all, I proposed the bet." Ditmel instructed. He then surrounded himself with clouds and such so that no one down below could see him.
Sefem began to shine. Most people grumbled about having to get up, but a few greeted Sefem kindly. Then, most of the men headed off to work, the women started on their housework, and the children scampered off to school. The day went by fairly peaceful, with a few complaints every now and then. Finally, Sefem grew tired. Shining as hard as he could was tiring. So, he switched places with Ditmel, who began to work right away.
Most people welcomed Ditmel because that meant they could go to sleep. A few cursed him because they needed to do some work, but eventually everyone settled down to a peaceful sleep. Ditmel barely tried to shine, and so he didn't grow tired as quick. When he finally did get tired, he called out to Sefem.
"Friend, I believe I have won the bet."
Sefem, replied, "Good, I was growing tired. I think that the length of time we stayed out for this bet should be how long we stay out from now on."
"I quite agree." Ditmel nodded.
And that is why, to this day, that the sun and moon change places." Mistar Conundrum finished the story.
"Mistar Conundrum," Semaj yawned, "You tell the best stories."