Written by Felicia Spencer

Pretend you don't notice me
I'm not even there
I'll pretend that you see me
When you don't really care

I shout out your name
Yet you turn away
Giving me the deaf ear
On what I have to say

I look over towards you
There's a pain in my heart
I want to start over
But I don't know where to start

I try to talk to you once again
Yet you remain so silent
I try and I try and I try again
But then you get so violent

I run and then I try to hide
The tears begins to flow
I'm really trying to figure out
Why it's me that you ignore

Am I not pretty
Am I too fat
Am I clueless
Or something like that

Am I a pest
Do I talk too much
Or, are you're repulsed
By my tender touch

Is there another woman
That somehow stole my place
Is it her lips that you want to kiss
On her precious little face

I've tried to tell you I love you
I've tried it once before
For everything was all in vain
And it's me that you ignore