Authors note: I just got back from New York where one of my friends lives. I went to see him for spring break. While I was there, I had the greatest time. I can only hope I can say the same for him. Now that I'm back home, I have a terrible ach for him, and I have no idea if he even wants to talk to me anymore. The last time I talked to him, he seemed to be so far away from me. I'm not good at pomes but I'm trying anyway. So please tell me if it sucks or not.

A kiss good bye, it was all I asked for.

But a proper one, I never got.

You said good-bye, you smiled.

A hug, and a kiss on my head, that was it.

I felt my heart being pulled from me.

I never knew that kind of hurt.

The bus pulled away, and the tears began to flow.

I'm home now, and the fear that I've lost you hits.

I call you, hoping to have my fears torn from me.

I hope for reassurance, but all I hear is "I gotta go."

My heart jumps into my throat.

Did my fears come to life?

Will I ever know?

Or am I to be left cold and alone now.

I try once more, hoping that I'm wrong.

It seemed normal, for a while.

We talked and we laughed.

I thought my fears where gone.

Then you grew silent.

"I don't feel like talking" That's what I heard.

I never remembered you talking like that.

Maybe I'm paranoid.

Maybe I'm not.

Will I ever know?

Until you tell me, ill never know.

Until then, the tears will still flow.

"Don't think like that," Everyone says.

But your words still ring true.

"I gotta go"