When you held my hand
Or gave me a sweet kiss,
It felt as if my life
Had turned into eternal bliss.
When you held me in your arms
I felt so safe and warm.
You were forever my shield
From all the lies and scorn.
I hoped that it would never cease
And never ever end.
That we'd always be there for each other,
Over and over again.
Then you left me
Crying on the floor.
I begged for you to come back
But you just walked right out the door.
I feel so lost and betrayed,
And the pain will never end.
For you weren't just my love
But also, my best friend.

AN: Sorry I haven't updated with some things and the fact that Anthony
Draconius (my boyfriend, see "Remote Control" for further information) is
coming to see me! YAY!!!

Anyway I hate this poem, more HORRBILE pre-teen angst. I was around 14 when
I wrote that. Ick. Try to enjoy!