To Be Nothing

If you love me

Honest and truly

Then you know it's time

Turn your back and leave this place

And bid your memory erase

Every last trace

Of us

Turn away and leave me

I'm the world's enemy

Maybe I can spare you the pain

Of being the one they all despise

Ignore your pleas and cries

And continue telling lies

I barely know you at all

You just laugh and see me fall

But somehow I find myself lost

Between you and reality

Love and botched morality

Trapping me in fantasy

Late at night, I wished you would

Show me that you understood

That somehow you were more

Tearing me from who I am

If they knew they'd just condemn

And you wouldn't give a d**n

Then I return to my daily existence

Deciding from a distance

And holding on to who I've always been

But never knowing for sure

I'm hopeless and insecure

Searching for a cure

I've ignored and fought for so long

Afraid to be right or wrong

I wish I could just be nothing

I wouldn't want them every day

My dreams of you would go away

But I'd somehow be okay