My true love....

My true love has cheery blue eyes
he makes me laugh
he never makes me cry
he always comforts me when i'm feeling down
and his smile is that of the sun

My true love is willing to be a friend to me
he understands whatever I tell him
he'll back away when I need to be alone
he'll always come for me
and he'll love me with all his heart

My true love is kind and sweet
to every new person that he meets
he mostly gives, but sometimes takes
he helps out the less fortunate
and he is hardly ever unhappy

My true love is different from most people
he stands out in the crowd
he's never shy, or rude, or crude
but he speaks up when he knows something's wrong
and he will be my true love, forever

A/N: A bit cheesy, but my idea of my true love!