Ok, here is something I have been thinking about for a while now, there is not much action in chapter one but a story is needed first, give it a chance. I will update eventually.


Chapter one; regular day.

The chalk hit the boards and scribed one word, Aleric. Mr. Brulan underlined the word and turned to face his class. "Aleric, based on the reading, would any of you care to tell me who he is?" For the most part, his class didn't really care and no one raised their hands. The Senior slackers knew the year would be over soon and they would graduate, most of them. They could care less about his history lesson. But one person did raise their hand. Mr. Brulan smiled, "Tiffany, enlighten us please." The blond girl responded, "Well, he was a Goth Conqueror from the forth century AD. He sacked Rome in 410 AD." Mr. Brulan smiled and proceeded to write that information In note form on the board. However, it didn't do him much good, because the second he finished the bell rang, dismissing these hooligans. As they got up and left he said "Your still responsible for this. Be prepared for a quiz." No one listened. He didn't care too much, he didn't mind failing them. Mr. Brulan was a man or about 6'2, with a medium build. He had thick brown hair that went about half way down his neck. His hair color matched his eyes. At the age of thirty-seven he was wearing a dark brown suit, with a blue tie; he had the coat unbuttoned.

A pair of wire frame glasses completed his attire, along with his Kakis and loafers. There was still one student in the back of the room. Her head down on the desk and it didn't look like she had any intention of moving. He walked up to her and saw she was asleep. He placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her awake, "Sarah, wake up, school is over." The girl slowly stirred and looked at him with groggy eyes. "Sorry Sir, I have just been so tired lately." As she stood up she pushed back her long hair showing her neck, he then had an idea why she was so tired. There were two puncture wounds on her neck, very close to her main artery. He reached into his pocket and brought out a wooden had carved box. He opened it and scooped out a small bit of a white substance. H rubbed it on the wound as she turned to leave. She turned and gave him a strange look when he did this. "Just noticing the wound." He said. She shrugged and put her hand over it, "its nothing" she said. She then exited. Mr. Brulan looked down at the floor and shook his head, "if you only knew." the cream would do its job; he need not worry about it. He packed his book bag with papers to grade, which was almost a waste, he already knew who studied and who didn't, and other books he might read. He went out of his class and locked the door behind him. It was Friday, he didn't want anyone in his room over the weekend.

H walked through the huge campus to the parking lot. When he got there he quickly found his car, a black ford explorer, and drove out of the seven-thousand student school. He lived close by, it wouldn't take him long to get home. He still couldn't stop thinking about the girl who had been bitten, it was very un common. He knew vampires existed, and had seen quite a few bites in his day, but he seen a lot recently. If treated early enough, the special cream he possessed could stop someone from becoming the undead, but he was running low, and the ingredients were very hard to get. It wasn't his problem anyway, people had been being bitten for thousands of years, as long as it wasn't him, he could care less.

After about fifteen minuets, he pulled into a driveway that was his own. His house was relatively large, two floor with a basement. It was up on a hill, away from the street; surrounded by trees. He went up the large oak door, inserted the key and unlocked the door. When he stepped inside, he was greeted by the same vastness. The ceiling was near twelve feet high. There were few walls initially, mostly open space into a sitting area ad dining area. Most of this area was filled with antiques. Vases, assorted paintings, even some mid-evil weapons. He had inherited a large some of money from his parents that had made this collection possible. He took off his coat and tie and un-buttoned his sleeves. He pulled a book out of his bag and went over the couch and began to read, he did this often lost himself in the book, but for reasons very different most people. He was soon lost in the words and drifted to sleep. His sleep was not peaceful. He was in his house as it was burning. The flames rose and incinerated the structure. When the building collapsed, he saw that as far he could see, everything burned. The ground cracked, and flames shot from the ground. He awoke sweating heavily. He was breathing hard. He put his hands on his head, shaking his head in doubt. He suddenly got a massive migraine. He had never experienced such pain before. His head felt like it was going to explode. The throbbing pain kept getting worse. Soon his nose was bleeding, as the pressure increased. It was so intense he couldn't move. It was getting worse, at this point he was sure it would kill him soon. It got worse and a wave of anger washed over him. He squinted and bore his teeth. For an instant his eyes flashed black and his heart rate increased dramatically. The migraine vanished and he returned to normal. This had only happened once before, and in a totally different incident. He decided to dismiss the incident as a coincidence. He had wasted enough time. Just then, someone came in the front door. "Hello?" a voice said. He looked over and saw his wife Joanne. She stood at 5'8 . she had tan skin with long brown hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a pale coffee colored dress. She was beautiful. "Hey, I was wondering when you were going to get in" he said, "John you always ask me that when I get in." Joanne said. They approached each other and hugged. He picked her up and gave her a kiss. They stayed in that position for a while, just savoring it. They had been married for years but they were still very much in love. His life was all he had ever wanted, peaceful prosperous, loving.

All of that was about to change.