Sword and the Stone Part II

All was in slow motion to Solis' enraged eyes. He saw the arrow, basking in red light, tearing through the air, which seemed to leap from its way not wanting to hinder its travel. The arrow hit its mark right between Solis' eyes. His head shot back, then eased forward again, the arrow all the way through his head. His vision was no longer a combination of each eye, but each eyes acting independently of itself with the arrow acting as a divider. He felt the red light from the arrow discharge into his brain and begin eating away at him.

Truscan gripped his bow tighter and a red aura burned out of him. He ran full speed at Solis and jumped into the air. He touched his bow to the arrow and the two fused together and they morphed back into a sword.

The sudden expansion cracked Solis skull and he felt his sinuses break apart. Brain matter squished around the blade as Truscan turned it sideways, creating a huge crack along Solis skull, and a hole in the front of his face. Red energy poured more intensely into Solis, and began deteriorating him from the inside out.

Truscan wasn't taking any chances. He whipped his sword around and broke off Solis' head from the eyes up. A few gurgling noises came from Solis' throat as his hands reached for his head to find it wasn't there. He promptly collapsed and his eyes faded away. The red light swirled over his body and ate it away, only a heap of ashes remained after a few minutes. Solis, one of the most feared beings on earth, was finally dead.

Edward's breathing was slow and shallow, it hurt too much to do anything more. Blood oozed from his mouth and he felt his organs attempting to spill out of him, but he refused, and held his broken body together with his arms. Slowly, very slowly, he felt his chest begin to mend. He held his position a few minutes more just to make sure he wouldn't fall apart when he tried to move. The second his wound had partially healed, he instantly thought of Joanne and scrambled to her side. Wulv was already there. He held her hand in his paw and looked into her tired eyes, dried blood all around them. He had already removed the steel shard and healed her enough so she wouldn't die with his power. Wulv saw Edward crawling over and watched as Joanne and Edward collapsed onto each other, embracing weakly.

"He's gone Joanne. Gone." Edward said. His mind too tired to think of anything better to say.

Joanne didn't bother responding; she just hugged Edward and let out a tired sigh of relief. She hadn't been conscious enough to see Bill die. Edward thought it best not too tell her yet, she had had enough strain.

Truscan was unable to put his rage into words. He stood on his knees over the spot where Solis had strangely disintegrated pounding his fists into the ground and screaming at the top of his lungs, bloodying his knuckles, cracking the stone. All of his rage turned into power and he raised his right hand high, a sphere of red light consuming it.

"RRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Truscan cried with animal like ferocity and slammed his fist into the stone. A geyser of red light erupted as the broke away. The geyser exploded upward, Solis' ashes being carried away in the maelstrom. The whole of Hing Sufre shook and was illuminated by the energy, but only for a moment. Truscan was left kneeling in the darkness, his body broken, and his soul depleted. He fell flat on his face breathing hard, his energy fading fast. Only his undying rage for all things undead kept him from being dragged into the depths of unconsciousness.

Wulv's ears twitched toward the well. Without thinking twice leapt backward and into its depths.

Daemion dragged his feet in across the rock as he stumbled down the passage, the tip of the sword of Darkness grinded along the ground as he walked. He guided himself along with hand against the wall, feeling his way through the passage. With each step his glee grew greater and it seemed like there was no way to stop him. In the distance he heard an enraged cry and the cavern shook. He was knocked off his feet and small rocks from the ceiling pelted him. The rumbling ceased and Daemion slowly proceeded undeterred.

A flash of light and an intense rumbling shook him from his pain induced slumber. Horton groggily opened his eyes and looked out in front of him. There, just across the ravine, Daemion, sword in hand, was hobbling toward the Crux stone. He couldn't let this happen. He tried to move, but his whole body fired back with surges of agony. Again he tried, but his wounds ached fiercely and he only managed to fall from his sitting position onto his face. "No…" He mumbled weakly. Images of what would happen if Daemion succeeded flashed through his head. A world consumed by evil and demons. A world where being human was a crime. A world where everything he had ever come to love would die out. White light drifted from his clenched teeth and through his eyes. He refused to let such a world come to be. Horton's power exploded in one burst of power and rocketed him across the ravine and into Daemion. The impact cracked Daemion's back and hurled him to the end of the cavern, beyond the crux stone and onto the ground just a few feet from the edge of the pillar.

Daemion pulled himself to his feet and immediately turned toward the Crux stone. He gazed into it, mesmerized by its glow. Only twenty feet separated him from his goal.

Horton stood looking at Daemion, blood running from a gash in his forehead. His cloak and his armor broke apart and fell from his body, leaving him in only light blue pants and shirt. He held out his arm and attempted to summon his sword as he stared down the dragon mage. Nothing came to his grip.

"You cannot summon your sword slayer; the magic I have bathed it in has rendered it unusable. This is where the game ends."

Horton kept trying in desperation to summon his sword as Daemion trudged toward the stone.

A flicker of shadow in the light, and Wulv landed on the Crux stone and crouched low, ready to pounce. The well had lead directly to this passage. Wulv faced Daemion wearing an intimidating snarl. "Step away sorcerer. I have seen what your kind of evil can do to a world. I will not let darkness gain another realm."

Daemion stared right through Wulv. The Crux stone his only concern. "What I am the embodiment of cannot be stopped." Daemion said and rushed forward, the Sword of Darkness above his head. Wulv roared and dove forward. He slached his left paw forward and into Daemion's abdomen, just to the left of his spine. His momentum carried and he removed all of the flesh from below Daemion's heart, above his hips, and to the left of his spine. Half a stomach, a lung, a kidney and lots of intestine plopped to the floor. Wulv Smiled as he landed on the ground behind Daemion after landing the killer strike.

Daemion However, proceeded un-phased, consumed by his evil ambition.

Horton watched in horror and continued to attempt to summon his sword. His heart felt like it was in a vice, and as if someone was forcing his organs out through his throat. His anxiety was off the chart and his physical strength was gone. He knew the only way to make a difference was to summon his sword and strike Daemion down. His mind raced and he clamped his eyes shut in concentration and rage. He had to call his weapon. He called with all his ability and he felt something inside him snap and he became light headed. He kept up his concentration and the black gunk exploded from the Sowrd and light and the Sword flew into Horton's hand. He opened his eyes with a content Heart and swung the sword Toward Daemion. But…

His heart came to a full stop and he felt true fear enter him. He had taken too long. Daemion thrust his sword downward and the Sword of Darkness entered the Crux stone. Dark lavender light, and a hum, which roared with the intensity of ten thousand amplifiers with the base turned all the way up erupted from the stone. Daemion laughed at the top of his lungs and he turned the sword one hundred and eighty degrees. A loud click rose above the noise and tornado force winds ripped through the small chamber. A semicircle of black light expanded rapidly from the stone and washed over everything. It exploded outward. Light and wind poured from the stone and Horton drove the sword of light into the Crux stone as well. Only five seconds had passed between the entry of the two blades, but so much had happened in that time.

A blue light came from the side of the Crux stone with the sword of light, trying to hold back the darkness. A power struggle ensued between the two blades for a brief moment, the Slayer pushing with all his might against Daemion, and Daemion against him. All the light and noise stopped and there was a millisecond of complete calm, then, the Crux Stone exploded, sending the occupants of the chamber sprawling into the walls.

Smoke and dust settled in the chamber and Wulv rushed to Horton's side, "YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT YOU STOPPED HIM!!!!!!!!!" He screamed. Horton smiled weakly, unable to take in the importance of what he had just done. "I…I did it!!!" Horton screamed and leapt to his feet. Thousand of thought of elation filled him and brought tears to his eyes. But a cold voice cut down all thoughts of celebration.

"You did nothing!" Daemion said. He stood very hunched over, the Sword of Darkness had been blown through the roof of the chamber, and was in the above area somewhere. Daemion's breathing was slow and labored. Dozens of rock shards were lodged in his body and half of his left side was gone. Blood and bodily fluid ran freely from the gigantic open wound. Still, he found a way to smile. "Yes, you did manage to get your sword into the stone, but mine had been there a full five seconds. All you managed to do was overload the stone and destroy it. The damage is done." Daemion smiled and blood oozed from between his teeth giving him a demented look.

Wulv and Horton just stared back, waiting for the dying mage to say more. Daemion held up one finger. "One fifth. One fifth of the world's population has been turned and all of the supernatural that have died in the past twenty years haven been revived. This is an even better end. You will get to watch as the world tears itself apart." Daemion vomited blood and held his organs in with his left hand.

"I'll kill you for this!" the Slayer screamed.

Daemion backed up to the edge of the ravine. "Don't bother. My Death is certain." Daemion fell backward and plummeted into the seemingly endless shadows below. Before he was out of view, his twisted eyes had stayed locked with the Slayer's, relishing in the act he had just committed. They were the devil's eyes.

Joanne knelt over Bill's body, sobbing to herself, her face wet with tears. She turned away from the corpse and buried her face in Edward's chest, he embraced her. He turned around and saw Wulv emerging from the well, carrying Horton over his shoulder. Wulv dumped him on the ground in front of the group.

"I failed." He said.

Edward tensed up, "Then, that explosion, Daemion…succeded?!"

Wulv cut it, "Not exactly, our efforts made a difference, but the situation is still cataclysmically morose."

"What happened?" Joanne asked.

"One fifth of the world has been turned, and all supernatural from the past twenty years have been revived."

No one seemed able to take in this information. It was just too dismal.

"Do you have any idea what that means? One in five people! If they all feed, humans could go extinct in weeks, days even!" Edward exclaimed.

"But they won't all feed overnight…" Nigome said as she approached. "I can sense their minds, such turmoil, billions of them all crying out in fear, pain and rage. None of them know how to deal with this change. It has come too suddenly and seemingly without explanation."

"That will only last so long! Yeah they might still be mentally human for a while but the hunger breaks everyone! Its only a matter of time!" Edward yelled.

Horton stood, total emotion exhaustion in his face, deep circles under his eyes. He spoke emotionlessly, "Calm down Edward. We know it's bad. Keep your cool for a second and lets just pull everyone together."

Everyone breathed in and let his words sink in. "Where's Solis?" Horton asked.

"Incinerated. Truscan killed him. What about Daemion?" Edward said.

He looked away for a second then answered, "He's dead."

Hunter had since morphed back into a human and he joined the group, already up to speed. He just looked on in silence. Horton walked away from the group and retrieved an unconscious Max from the ground. "Gosh…He had lost all his strength in this time, and he still fought with all he had to help us." He slung Max over his shoulder and rejoined Joanne, Edward, Wulv, Hunter, and Truscan.

"The world we knew is gone. You realize that right? There is no way to undue what has been done. We have over a billion new vamps on our hands and we cant just make them disappear. We have to act—" Edward stated but he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He walked away from the group.

"What is it?" Joanne asked.

"My sword…" He said blankly and lifted the weapon from the ground. He swung it around a few times then stared into its Hilt. He became lost in its endless darkness but then shook himself from the trance and threw the sword down. "In the coming days I know I will be forced to wield you again but I must prepare myself first."

"There isn't any time to lose, we have to act now." Joanne said.

"What do we do? We can't just go slay one and a half billion vampires." Joanne protested.

"Why not!?" Truscan screamed as he stood. "I was born into a world with even worse odds! You can sit around here and debate and plan all you want, but I going to save this world the only way I know how. By killing every single undead I see."

Edward laughed heartily. "Looks like we're back in the job."

"Yeah, but this is a whole new fight. Something we have never done before. This isn't some rouge group of vampires killing hundreds, this is billions killing billions, and our numbers are too small. This time, I don't think we can win.

Edward picked up the dark blade and smiled. "That just it, we can't."