I Would Give by writerforever

Everywhere I turn I see someone

I see someone in need

They cry out for help

They cry out to be rescued from their pain

Tears fill my eyes and my heart breaks

Because I know I cannot help them

I would give my coat to a shivering homeless person on the street

I would give all of my food to a starving child

I would give love to an orphaned and sad child

I would give my friendship to a troubled teenager in need of a friend

I would give my life

I would give everything I have

I would give everything within my power

I would give all I could give

Just to help someone in need

I walk into stores

And I see people who need help

They stare at me with pain in their eyes

I cannot look at them

Because I am hiding the tears of sadness in my eyes

I cry because people need help

And I can do nothing to ease their pain

I cry because I feel worthless

Because I can do nothing for people who are in need

People say you are too young to help someone

People say these are just dreams of mine

But they are not dreams

They are real to me

I want to help people in need

I want to be a friend to those in need of friendship and love

I know that I am young

I know that I am just another teenager

But I am not blind to the sufferings in this world

I am not blind to the people in need of food, love, and friendship in this world

I cannot sit back and ignore these people

I must do something

Because if I don't do something

I will never be able to live my life without feeling guilty

Today I saw a teenaged boy

He was in Wal-Mart

He was dressed in baggy jeans

He had piercings all over his body

He looked at me and their was pain in his eyes

He stared at me with such sadness

My heart felt as if it was breaking

Because I knew there was nothing I could do

I had no comforting words to give him

I had no way of pulling him out of the trouble he was in

Please forgive me

Please forgive me for not being able to help you

Please forgive me world for not being able to help all of you in need

In time if I am still living I will do all I can

I will dedicate my life

I will give all I can give. . .