The lights flicker,
Across my skin,
They burn traces,
Like fine lace,
A trail of black,
It leaves behind.
Crinkles my skin,
Separates the bonds,
The bubbles rise from the water,
Block out the dancing flames,
They sizzle without touching,
The globes transform into steam.
The incense burns a fiery red,
Smoke twirls in time to voiceless music,
The bubbles join up above,
Dancing in circles with the light,
The music fades into the background,
I lay within the curling transparent,
Rippling with the smoke,
The bubbles, light and music,
Imagination coils and entwines,
My thoughts set alight,
The flames dance upon my skin,
My hair shivers from heat,
Standing amongst the magic,
The temperature ripples,
The oxygen subsides,
Emotions left behind,
I'm falling,
Mouth breathes water,
Eyes see what can't be seen,
The bubbles burst,
The water stills,
The incense disintegrates,
Leaving ash scattered,
The smoke disperses,
The light, the fire, the flame so bright,
Fades into blackness.
Leaves me behind in a world,
Not wanted,
Not seen,
Not breathing.

By Siobhan
Date: 1/April/2004