You're a sleeze, baby,

A dance-floor sleeze

Pull your shirt down farther, honey,

'Cause I just can't see your breast.


Here's another beer

Dance with me..


You're a sleeze

A dirty-bathroom sleeze.

Hike your skirt up and

Smear the lipstick

And oooh that wall is cold.


Hey, honey, you're a tease

You're a dark back-alley sleeze.

Not afraid of the dark

'Cause you've been calling all the shots

And you've got all the bravado you need.


Oooh, baby, you're a sleeze.

You're never happy

And you always need more

Ordinary, teenage sleeze.





Why do I hurt myself just to feel? You make that hurt into an addiction. Pleasure. Walk all over me.

I'm going to Wake Up one of these days and realise that we don't care.

(I never loved you anyway) Until then, give me another kiss, doll.