My Favourite Role - Poem - March '04

I can't be the perfect girl,
The one you keeping demanding I be,
I just want your acceptance,
Your love, for just being me.
I can't get the grades you want,
I can't smile and laugh on cue,
I can't win the trophy every time,
I can't find the answers to every clue.
I can't write a flawless poem,
I can't make you swell with pride,
I can't paint a perfect picture,
I won't always be on the right side.
I'm sorry I'm not the child you crave,
But I can't be anyone besides myself,
It doesn't matter how loud you shout,
You won't turn me into someone else.
Your endless crying won't sway me,
Your vicious names won't pierce my soul,
You can tell me I'm wrong and hate me,
But being me is my favourite role.