Ring the bell

In me it stirs
A fluttering feeling
Tiny tugs on my heart strings
Setting me in motion
Searching seeking
Needing to find
What it is
That sets my heart on fire

Resonating deep inside my soul
Pushing me further and further
Faster and faster I fly
I soar and the world falls away
Ring the bell , that's the sound of my soul vibrating

I reach forward
Grasp more
Holding on for all I am worth
Bridging the gap
While urging others on ahead
Not leading nor following but setting the track
Preparing the stage
Positioning the pieces
Getting ready for a great performance
When the light comes on I am gone
Another project forming in my head
Flames dancing in my eyes

This desire
To do more see more be more
Is eating me alive
Driving me insane
Lifting me up
Beyond my wildest dreams
Though it seems I am standing still
My mind is racing to conquer
Yearning to succeed
Daring to win
Ring the bell!
That's the sound of my soul rejoicing