~*This poem goes with the story all falls down. Its Sarah's experience with the little blue pill *~ Nat


Unsteady while I am sitting here
My head spins the ground sways
The chairs gets up and walks away
Leaving me floating, unsteadily
Falling away

These things I see in glimpses
Women at arms
Men in ditches
Children ...
Laughing while I watch them cry ,unsteadily

But this is who I am
Whats that ?
This is me
Here ...
Confused while I nod attentively , unsteadily

These are the sounds I hear
Sirens like babies
Marching on graves
Staining my dry face streaming, unsteadily

But this is who I am
Whats that?
This is me
Confused while I smile ,unsteadily

These are the things I feel
Festering wounds
Broken hearts
Groaning in pain with a grin on my lips , unsteadily

But this is who I am
Sitting her in the swaying world
With my head on my shoulder
And my eyes on the ground
Hoping no one is around
Watching me , unsteadily