There are times when I want to get away. And when I do, I slip on my sandals, walk out of my house and in to the cool air. On these days, the sky is clear, the sun is bright and everything is silent. I walk. I walk and walk until I reach a path. I leave the road and brush aside the branches so I can get through. When I am in, it is darker, cooler. But the area within the woods is welcoming. I follow the path upwards. I walk for hours. Suddenly the path, which was once dirt, changed. Not before one's eyes, but gradually, I turn up walking on a path of roses. That is when I know I am getting close to my destination. I pick up speed. And soon I see a light at the top of the mountain, at the end of the path. That is when I run. I run until I reach the top. Then I catch myself and once again and swept away. I am on a mountain and am looking off at a lake. A sparkling blue lake, beyond which is miles and miles of lush, green forest that if one wasn't careful, they could get lost in. A waterfall releases its water into the lake from the other side of the mountain to my left. I could easily walk over there, but it seems to be much more enhancing when seeing all of it. That is where I am now. --- I look off the cliff. Its getting dark and I can see the sun setting in the distance. Pastel colors that blend in to bright pinks and oranges take over the once blue sky. I stare off and I wonder if I am being thought of. Is anyone trying to find me? But when I stand and walk to the edge of the cliff, my mind is cleared. My soul, though, is livid inside. And I am going to finally release it. I take a deep breath and spread my arms out. I close my eyes and push off the cliff. And now. I can fly.