Does she
Written By: Felicia Spencer

Does she make you happy
Does she make you smile
Will she go the distance
And walk that extra mile

Does she bring you joy
Does your heart fill with pride
Knowing that you're loved
With her right by your side

Does she treat you right
Like the King you are
Does she treat you special
Like a shining star

Does her love for you show
Is it evident for all to see
Is she always by your side
Where she's supposed to be

Does she praise your efforts
Tells you you're the best
Does she pick up after you
Cleaning up your mess

Will she remain always
Forever by your side
Will you take her hand
Forever as your bride

Will she really love you
When you're old and gray
And your skin has wrinkled
With each passing day

Can she say that you're the one
Without any shame or pride
Til death do you part
Forever by your side

If she's not the one for you
Then let her go and let her be
Just remember this my love
That you'll always have me

If she won't put you on a pedestal
Way up high above
Always know this simple fact
You'll forever have my love.