Authors note: I wrote this just for fun, I'm not to sure how good it is but if you all enjoyed it I might add more.

Fallen Angel

A body lay limp on the floor, it's breathing hardly noticeable. The shoulders

quiver slightly, and a faint whimpering can be heard. Blood stains its entire body. Its

hands grip at the hard stone floor. Its white wings, once majestic and beautiful are now

caked in blood and torn to shreds. White feathers line the floor where this creature had

originally landed. What could have happened to this once beautiful creature?

For two days now this creature has not moved. I do not believe that it has even

noticed my presence as of yet. All it can do is cry. Everyday I come and check on the

poor thing hoping that it will soon rise from its spot in the tomb. Today I hope to find it

better off, and capable of speech.

I crept out the back window of my room hoping not to wake either of my parents.

Lies ran though my mind as I slipped trough the back yard just incase I was caught.

Grounding would have been the least of my worries if I were to be caught sneaking out to

go to a graveyard in the middle of the night. I removed the broken board in the fence and

ran across the street. The large metal gate that surrounded the graveyard greeted me and I

slipped between the bars. From there I found my way through the head stones and tombs

to a tall statue in the middle of the graveyard. The door to the tomb beneath it was broken

and it was easily accessed. I walked down the winding steps and opened the large door

that held the names of those buried there. My footsteps echoed though the tomb and my

heart began to race. I looked to the spot where the creature had been laying, and found

that he was no longer there but was sitting in the corner of the room.

"You come here every night at this time." His voice was soft and he spoke with

such elegance that I found it difficult to speak to him.

"'ve noticed me?" My voice was shaky and timid.

"I notice all mortals. It is my job." His forehead rested on the top of his knees and

his fingers were interlocked around them. His hair was pure white but his face was still to

be seen.

"I brought something for you to eat if you're hungry." Said as I began to dig

though my pockets. My eyes where focused mostly on his tattered wings.

"Angels do not eat. but your gesture is acknowledged." He looked up at me, and

for the first time I could see his true beauty. His eyes where so light blue that, if not for

the redness of his eyes, would have seemed white. His face was firm but loving. And his

mouth was small but fit his face. I took a step back from him once his eyes met mine.

Why would such a beautiful creature be subjected to such pain and apparent torment? I

took a seat across from him hoping that he would still be willing to talk with me.

"What is your name?" I said quietly.

"Thalis" he said with a smile "And yours is Carea." I smiled softly for a moment.

My eyes then turned to the movement behind him. His wings where stretching wide.

They were still covered in dry blood, and the bottom of his wings where slowly turning


"The transformation has started." His voice was sad and almost sent me into tears.

"What do you mean?" I said with a start. I stood up and walked over to him and

gently touched his wing. His feathers where as soft a fur, it took all I had to avoid holding

on to them. He smiled sadly.

"Enjoy them while you can, buy this time next week they will be gone." The

sadness in his voice brought me to tears quickly. "They will soon be as black as the

night sky, and as hard as ice."

"How could someone so beautiful, and so sweet be condemned to such a torture?"

My voice was chocked from my tears.

"For not agreeing to destroy the things I love." He bit his lip softly. " I would not

stand to see the destruction of the human race, and in saying so, I have been condemned."

He looked around the room for a second and the grabbed my arm.

"The day of reckoning will so be here and you will be faced with the toughest

decision of your life. I will be here to help, but you will be the one to decide." My eyes

grew wide.

"What are you talking about?" In my fear I jerked my arm away from him which

caused the him to stand. His wings expanded once again. His hands held me to him.

"Don't be afraid, it will all become clear soon enough." His head lowered, and the

room began to spin. I shut my eyes tightly and wrapped my arm around him. My head

was spinning, and soon everything was dark.