This I wrote during my break from Thief of Hearts. I'm going to warn everyone now that this is a SLASH. For the innocent and naive peoples out there, here is the definition of the term slash.

Slash - adj. A story which contains a homosexual relationship, commonly between two males.

If you do not like such things, do not read this story. If you do, keep in mind you have been sufficiently warned, and have no right to complain.

That being said, I do accept, and encourage, constructive criticism. However, rudeness and flames will be ignored.


I watched Darren from across the street as he mowed his lawn, shirtless. He always did; the summer months were far to hot for such nuisances if you planned to be outside for any length of time. It killed me to watch, though I always found an excuse to be outside the same time he was. Sometimes I would wash my car, other times I have to mow as well. On occasion, I would just drink and tease him mercilessly (all in good fun of course). All this was to serve one purpose: to see his beautifully defined, half-naked body glistening with sweat. Not that I could say this to him. Darren was married, for one thing.

"Stop starin', Jason! People will get the wrong idea!" Darren joked, forcing me to confront reason number two. He was straight, and he thought I was too. It caused me a brief twinge of pain in my chest. People wouldn't be getting the wrong idea. Ever since he moved here, and we met at five years old, I'd noticed an attraction towards him. At first, it was just friendly. We became best friends, and I thought he was cool. Then it hit me. When I turned fourteen, I had a huge party, and Darren was there. As I leaned to blow out my candles, I noticed him briefly.

'Wish for a girl!' He mouthed, winking. I grinned stupidly, and nodded. I didn't want Darren knowing that I was gay, nor that he was my first crush. Every birthday since, I wished for the same thing, not a girl, but him.

Now as he mowed his lawn, I struggled to focus on waxing my car. I dropped my eyes, willing myself to concentrate on what I had supposedly come out to do.


"Come on! You can't celebrate the fourth of July alone!" Lucy insisted pleasantly. My first thought was to protest; it always felt awkward being with both Darren and Lucy Smith, and their little girl, Jessica. Darren, however, was on his wife's side.

"Yeah, why don't you? I've been wanting to show you my new guitar." He agreed. I sighed in mock defeat. Somehow it was impossible for me to refuse such a stunning smile as Darren's.

"I have no choice!" I said, raising my hands in surrender. "Sure, I'll come over."

Darren and I had once considered starting a band, so he learned the guitar and I learned the keyboard. In spite of our resolve, we couldn't find anyone else as determined as we were, so it remained just us two (To be quite honest, I didn't mind). Other than a home game in high school, we never preformed officially. The whole concept died after almost two years, though we got together to play something sometimes.

The new guitar that Darren brought out was a Dean Artist. I smiled in appreciation.

"Play a song, Daddy!" Jessica implored, her big coffee eyes looked at him sweetly.

"Yes, play something Darren." Lucy encouraged. I nodded in agreement. He shrugged happily and sat down. He played the Eagles "Hotel California", and I looked at Lucy briefly. When she made eye contact and smiled at me, shivers ran down my spine. I smiled back, and dropped my gaze before looking at Darren again. Jessica danced slowly, shuffling her feet.

Darren had not lost his touch. He could play any song with such skill that anyone would maintain that he improved it ten times over. The music he composed was just as pleasant if not more so. As much as I loved listening to him play, Darren's musical talent only made me long for him more.

When the music ended, he lifted the guitar so that the strap went over his head. Lucy took it from him and carried into the house, Jessica at her heels. Darren smiled as he rose to check on the burgers on the grill.

"I've still got it." He admitted, turning over one of the patties.

"Yes, you do." I affirmed. I heard the screen door slide open and closed again. Wife and daughter once again reappeared on the patio.

"Have you told him about your promotion?" Lucy inquired, patting Darren on the back.

"You've been promoted?" I insisted. Darren nodded, lowering the grill cover again and heading back into the house. I followed.

"Yeah, I'm the head of my department now." He explained, heading into the kitchen and taking a plate from the cabinet. "They're going to send me to Georgia for a week for some conference."

"Sounds like fun. Do Lucy and Jessica get to go with you?" I asked.

"No, they stay here." Darren replied, and Jessica sniffed innocently. "I know, honey. I would take you with me if I could." We headed outside again. Lucy took the plate from Darren and took the patties off of the grill.

We ate outside, and talked more about Darren's promotion, then Jessica starting kindergarten in the fall, Lucy's garden, etc.; yet I found it difficult to focus. Underneath the table, Lucy's foot continued to playfully nudge my own. I moved mine away, and yet she persisted. I finally gave up, letting her play her game, but focusing on Darren's smooth voice.


Darren had left on Sunday, and wouldn't be back until the next Monday. I spent my free time practicing on my keyboard, trying not to think about how much I missed him. It was hard, especially knowing that he had a wife and that he was straight. He wouldn't be attracted to me, and even if he were it would be cheating for us to peruse a relationship.

Tuesday, Lucy knocked on my door, Jessica at her side. Her car had broken down, and though her shift didn't start for another hour, she was going to have to take Jessica to day care before she went to the hospital.

I agreed to help them out, and we all piled into my deep blue Honda Civic. Lucy directed me through town; right, continue straight for three lights, turn left, and the second right.

When Jessica was in her room, Lucy asked me to take her back home. She still had fifty minutes before her shift started, and she didn't want to sit around the hospital for that long.

"Okay." I replied, to which she smiled and patted me on the thigh. When we got back, she hesitated outside of my car.

"Thank you for helping me out." Lucy stated slowly, as though she had something else she wanted to say.

"Of course." I answered, and waited a while before continuing, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Not really. All the same it would be nice to have someone to talk to for awhile." Lucy answered. An alarm was going off in my mind, but I chose to ignore it. I nodded, and let her into my house.

She walked about the living room, commenting on the pictures of my family and me.

"That's from my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. I'm right here." I pointed to an eleven-year-old version of myself.

"You were handsome even then." Lucy observed, looking at me. I met her gaze for a moment, and that was a moment too much. Before I could react, her lips pressed against mine desperately. I pulled back in panic.

"Lucy, what are you doing?" I demanded, alarm ring in my voice. Her hands reached out to steady me, and she leaned in close.

"Something I've wanted to do for a long time." Lucy replied calmly. Her fingers traced down to the first button of my shirt, and undid it, and the next, and so on. I stood dumbfounded until she was at the last button, and I pulled her wrists away from my shirt.

"Lucy, you're married." I said firmly. She smiled coyly.

"Darren? Is that what you're worried about?" Lucy wanted to know. "First of all, he'll never know. I'll sleep with him next week and if I get pregnant, he won't suspect a thing. Second, I've wanted you since I saw you sophomore year in high school. I just married Darren because he was the second best thing." This news shocked me, and I loosened my grip just enough for her to free herself.

Lucy didn't waste any time. My belt soon fell to the floor, and her nimble fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before I had time to stubble backwards onto the couch.

The words, 'I can't do this!' kept running through my head. ' This is Lucy! Darren's wife, for goodness sake!' I struggled backwards, as she kneeled before me and pealed my jeans and briefs away from my waist. Then my malicious side spoke up. 'Do you think you'll get this much from Darren? Enjoy it while it lasts. Imagine its Darren, if it makes you feel better. See? You're even getting turned on by this!'

And to be quite honest, I was. Lucy's silky hand teased my cock, rubbing it. A light moan escaped my lips as she flicked the head with her tongue. Encouraged by this, she began at the base of my penis, and teased the underside up to the tip. She showered the shaft with light kisses, and my hips lifted slightly against my will.

Finally the teasing ended, and Lucy took my full eight inches into her mouth. My moans grew louder, and my fingers wove themselves into her hair. Lucy's hand found my balls, and massaged them. Her mouth sucked on my cock, slipping it in and out seductively. I found myself bucking against her face, enjoying the experience in spite of myself. When I was just about to explode, Lucy let my hardened cock slip out of her mouth. Wordlessly, she slipped of her jeans and panties before straddling me.

I looked at her pleadingly, as her pussy hovered over my cock. "Please don't do this, Lucy..." I pled. I had always hoped that I would either sleep with Darren or no one at all. Lucy smiled wickedly.

"You were enjoying it just a moment ago." She insisted, "Trust me, you'll enjoy this too." I didn't get chance to protest. In an instant, she had impaled herself on my prick, and it was wonderfully warm and wet. I groaned softly as she continued to ride me. Her movements were long and slow at first, but she picked up the pace soon enough, assaulting my cock pitilessly. Again, my body moved against the protests of my mind, and my hips thrust upwards against hers. The delicious tightness of her pussy around my member made the experience all the better.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any more. I exploded in orgasm, filling her cunt with my sperm. Lucy grunted in pleasure, the feeling pushing her over the edge into her own orgasm. As we shook, electric waves of pleasure racking our bodies, we held onto each other tightly.

At last, our bodies went limp, Lucy's head on my shoulder. We sat in silence for a moment, breathing heavily.

"That" Lucy murmured happily. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. Thank you, Darren." I replied without thinking. Lucy sat up quickly.

"Darren?" She demanded angrily. "What do you mean, Darren?" I stammered, looking for answer. Lucy got up furiously and began to put on her pants again. "Don't even bother. I know why you didn't want to make love to me. You're in love with my husband, that's why."

"Lucy, please!" I begged, "I'm sorry!" She glared at me, one leg in her jeans, the other out.

"Are you in love with my husband or not?" She demanded. I hesitated, not wanting to lie, but unable to tell the truth. Apparently the moment's hesitation was enough. Lucy huffed, the mix of anger and bewilderment on her face. She buttoned and zipped her jeans, and stormed out the door.

"Crap. Why did I have to be a part of this?" I griped quietly, closing my eyes and sinking back into the couch.


Well, I was going to try and make it one chapter, but it looks like that would be too much to read in one sitting. It would be for me, anyway, so I'll give you guys a break. That does mean that this'll at least have two chapters, if not more.

Also, I'm back to writing Thief of Hearts, so I'm planning to post chapter 12 by Tuesday.