Why go on
Written by: Felicia Spencer

I'm broken and I'm beaten
It's too much for me to take
I can't handle the stress
I think I'm going to break

I've tried to do good
But it's useless in the end
What do I have to show for it
Not one single friend

I'm broken and I'm beaten
My hearts torn up so
If I could release this pain
And somehow let it go

I wish for a simple life
Just to be happy that's all
Just to be free from this
Life is what it's called

Sometimes I just want to fade away
Disappear into the night
Leave this life behind me
Without putting up a fight

My hearts severely wounded
I can still feel its scars
Take it all away
Take me somewhere far

Should I be complaining
Should I be done
If there's nothing here for me
Then why should I go on