The tears of the skies, falling closer and closer

Skies crying for those lost, for those forgotten.

Strayed among the memories of the past

Flummoxed in whirls of tragedy

Raining upon the skin of mine like spears of vanished warriors

Dripping down deep the drains of dreams of my days

Falling over the hills and valleys, past the cities of our lives

Trickling down the sides of the earth off the edge of the cliffs

Falling like waterfalls down my being

The feeling of frost and freedom from reality against my skin

Taking away the pain of the reality of the world

The coolness of the tears of the crying moon feeling like deficiency of life

Falling from the open skies, upon the clear starless nights

Dotting the vast empty valleys with stars of its own, among the green sky

Gleaming like diamonds falling from the worlds above

Pooling the land with collections of the history of the world.