Devi held in her intense hate each time she saw the scars on Jon's body. While she truly thought that scars made him even sexier than he already was, she didn't want Nick to ever touch him again. While she was driving past his friend's house, she saw him sitting out on the porch.

With out thinking twice, she swerved into the drive way, and stepped out of her car. IN her leather jacket, her favorite knife was concealed, so that she had some amount of protection.

"What the fuck are you doing here you stupid slut?!"

Devi only looked at him, her eyes cold, black, and deathly. She walked towards him, trembling with rage.

As he saw the look in her eyes, he stood up, and walked towards her. AS soon as she was with in reach, he pushed her fairly hard. Yet she held her ground. Taking only a few steps back, she began walking towards him almost in a trance.

Then her eyes softened. She remembered all of the times that they spent together, smiling and laughing. Nick walked up to her, knowing what she was thinking about, and he hugged her, tightly, yet not to hurt her. Devi looked up at him, as a few tears were in her eyes, and he tried to kiss her. She wouldn't let him. She broke out of his grip, and backed up. He walked towards her. "Devi....please, forgive me.....the only reason in hurt Jon was because I wanted you back..please, forgive me.."

Her rage resurfaced. She wouldn't be able to hold up an act with him. Instead, she changed her plan.

"Nick, no matter what you EVER say, I will NEVER be able to forgive you....You fucking hit me every time you saw me, you sexually assaulted me every time we were alone, and you fucking raped and why would I even want to forgive your sorry ass?!" She walked towards him, and his eyes turned black again. She knew the look he had in his eyes.

He grabbed a hold of her arm, and whispered "if you scream, you're not going to see Jon ever again...." She stayed quiet, but tried to fight his grip. AS soon as he dragged her into the house, he ran his hands over her body. He took her jacket off and lifted up her shirt. Only seconds later, she went to throw a punch, but someone behind her grabbed a hold of her arms, and held her still. He reached his hands around her back, and unclasped her pale blue bra. Who ever was behind her, threw her down onto the floor.


Jon was surprised to find that Devi wasn't got there after work. He knew that anger had been eating at her since a few weeks earlier when he arrived home with the two gashes on him. He wondered where she was, and if she was safe. Every cell in his body, was saying no.

He went outside to his car, and drove around until he saw Devi's car parked in a driveway.


Nick began biting her breasts until they were dripping with blood. She wanted to scream in pain, but every time she let out a sound, his friend slapped her hard across the face, and Nick bit harder. But this was too much, she screamed out in pain, hoping that someone would hear her. As she looked over towards the door, she found another one of Nick's friends standing there, smiling.

Seconds later, the door flew open and Jon was standing there, his eyes black, and enraged. Devi decided that this would be an okay time to fight back, because all three of them weren't going to be able to go after her. She threw a swift punch at Nick's face, and he hit her back for it fairly hard. But by then, by was almost numb to any pain. Jon walked over to her, ignoring the other kid who was knocked out on the ground, and started violently beating Nick. Each punch or kick, made another mark, or drew more blood.

The guy who had previously been holding Devi down, was now having her nails embedded into his neck, which soon drew a fair amount of blood. As soon as she let go, she kicked him hard on the crotch and watched as he fell to the ground, whimpering. When Jon had taken a fair amount of his rage out on Nick, she collapsed into his arms, as a few tears fell from her crystal blue eyes.

Jon wrapped his strong arms around her, and held her close, while walking her out the door. They each got into their separate cars, and drove home.