~A/N: This is an idea I had recently. Its kind of a story of the future, with fantasy mixed into it. I hope you all enjoy it, and that this story will actually get finished.~

Darkest of Night Prologue

It's the year 2145. Flying cars, cloning, cryogenic freezing. Skyscrapers that reach up to five times as high as any in the beginning of the 21st century. Data pads, computers that are light, compact, and can be carried anywhere, vidphones. Blasters, speeders, spaceships. Technology is the way the people of the 21st century dreamed it to be.

But with this technology is a great hardship. Except for the large cities spread out, the world is mainly a cruel wasteland, destroyed long ago by a great war. It was not a war between man; it was a war between man and demons. Demons, vampires, witches, wizards, lycans, shape shifters, and many other supernatural creatures have been discovered. The humans discovered the portal to Otherworld, where most of these creatures lived, and had opened it. At first, humans tried to explore this new world, and find out about the creatures, but the demons weren't agreeable. Many humans were slaughtered for daring to come into Otherworld. Finally, in 2090, the humans launched a war against the demons. The demons pushed the war to take place in the human world, and most damage happened there. The humans lost miserably; 1 billion humans were killed, and afterwards, when the demons took control, another 2 billion were killed as well. During the war, humans were foolish enough to attack with bombs and nulear weapons, and their world was damaged severely.

The demons took over and left only half of the humans left alive. One fourth of the humans were enslaved, as the demons viewed humans as weak, inferior creatures. Some humans managed to escape into space, using the primitive spaceships they had built. No one has heard from them. Other humans formed a underground resistance, trying to fight the demon oppression. Most humans that are not enslaved live in their cities, trying to survive with the other creatures living with them, and with the damaged Earth. The Earth is no longer capable of growing many plants and many animals are either extinct or unable to survive in the lands near the cities. Vampires, lycans, and the like mingle with humans whenever possible, but they were unaffected by the war, and do not obey the demons. Demon Lords rule over the human cities, as a form of government, and they have had all books on demon mythology, even manga that had stories, destroyed.

Recently, the resistance has started leaving the cities, and forming their own cities in the wasteland. One group of these people have recently been searching through old, partially destroyed cities for clues as to how to fight the demons. The area they have searched proved to have many bodies of frozen people, people that were frozen alive either before or during the war. The group is working frantically to unfreeze these people, and hopefully gain help from them. The people from the earliest period that they have found were two girls, both who seemed to be from around 2010 or earlier; both girls had looks of terror on their faces, and one girl clutched a crumbled piece of paper in her hands. After many hours, the group of humans managed to extract the paper and decipher what it said. They were only to decipher parts of it:

"Portal long sealed shall soon be opened And the Creatures of Night will come Mixing with the Creatures of Day. A great war between them will cause great bloodshed And Night will defeat Day in this twilight soon to come."

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