When I cut

I want pain, but

I feel nothing

Nothing but hate

Maybe that's fate

I sometimes pray

Not every day

Basically never

Does anger last forever?

But I would rather have

Anger and pain

Than the sadness I feel

Again and again

I would rather have faced

Ten thousand sneers

Than self reproach

Which causes many fears

In writing

I can stop fighting

Just let my feelings out

The way I cant, by using a shout

If life and death were offered to me

I don't know if I'd choose death,

Just to be free

I suppose that's wrong

In a way

I should know what to do

Maybe I should pray?

I can talk

But I can't say

To anyone, my feelings


If life is hard

How am I to know

If death will be worse

Unless I go

And if I go

And it's worse

How can I get back?

I don't know what

I want

I don't know about life

All I know is

That I'm full of conflict and strife