1 in 20 seem fair odds,
but I haven't any luck. Oh well.
I tried, but Fortune isn't on my side.
Sometimes at night I awake in tears
Because he's always there. holding my hand.
At school I act like I'm not afraid by hiding how I feel.
No one seems to notice but then he's always there.calling my name.
I want to go, but yet I want to stay.
I'm torn in two by emotions that drive me insane.
Should I have taken the gamble?
There he is again.Kiss me.
1 in 20 seemed fair odds, but I don't have luck.
Why am I so confused? This is what I wanted. Isn't it?]
I feel so content when I'm with him.
I'm glad I took the risk.
Nothing else seems to matter.
Maybe I won after all.