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So I had heard that the literary magazine was looking for short stories, and I immediately thought about my current work in progress... except that it's already eight pages long. *Maybe I can make it into a shorter story.* but no, that would ruin the plotline. So what about the other one, the one about the girl with the unexplainable sadness. *nah, too somber and melancholy*. Well, yeah, but it isn't too bad, and it cheers up near the end. Arrrrrrgh! Why do all of my short stories end up being ten pages long? It can get really annoying sometimes! ^sigh^. Well I wrote that one about the magic last summer. *Nope, already turned that in*. Hey, there was that one about the girl whom everybody ignored, but that never got past the first corner. But it does have merit... hmmm. So what time period is it in? Modern maybe? Yeah, that sounds right. So everyone is ignoring her, and she turns the corner and… what? She goes to her little tree house and cavorts with fairies? How unlikely is that? *Much as I'd like that...* So, she's an author perhaps? But if all and sundry are ignoring her, how can she get any satisfaction out of it? I like the author idea though. Ok, scratch the background. Should I make it a little bit closer to home? You know, something people can relate to. *Especially with the literary magazine pushing up their request for stories.* Hey, that's not a shabby idea! A girl is frantic to get her work in the press, but it's all too long… hey, waitaminnit, that sounds kinda familiar don't it? But that's not too bad, people can relate to it for sure, and it won't be difficult to pound out in ten minutes. Now, how to start. I know! If it's about me... "'So I had heard that the literary magazine was looking for short stories, and...'"

The end.

Written by aspiring author with help *and lots of it!* from her conscious mind.


Me:  I have since found out that my "conscious mind" is actually my muse-who-shall-remain-nameless.  I can't seem to find the name. Whatever, my MWSRN is ^very^ patient.

MWSRN: *popping vein* …… Wanna… bet…?  (a.k.a, Really angry)

Me:  Eh-heh. …uh, bye?  *speeds away from MWSRN.*

MWSRN:  *second and third popping veins plus a sweatdrop*  grrrrrrrrrrr……..


A/N#2:   By the way, this didn't make it into the lit mag.