I'm idealistic and I'm proud of it; it's no good telling me that that some of my ideas are not practical or feasible because to be honest I don't care. I love believing in insubstantial things like love and honour and good in everybody. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been appalled recently after watching 'Without Prejudice' (a game show that would take too long to explain) where many people's views about immigration into Britain were exposed. People from many different backgrounds all said that they believed that there were too many immigrants coming in to the UK today; they gave some extraordinary reasons for their views like 'there is simply not enough room here' and 'they come to us because we're an easy touch.'

If you're one of the people who recite this rubbish as an excuse then I'm sorry but I have to say bugger off! Your media led, tabloid style, non- factual views; your arrogant assumptions and insensitive opinions; your ill- informed, stereotypical and selfish delusions aren't gonna get any sympathy from this quarter. I said this was going to be inflammatory didn't I?

Firstly, did you know that we take fewer immigrants than most other countries in Europe? Belgium for example takes in far more asylum seekers per thousand inhabitants than we do and yet this fact seems to be overlooked on a magnificently grand scale. In fact Britain barely gets in to the top ten European countries on taking in immigrants when you look at population sizes. Ireland takes in more immigrants than we do; one per thousand inhabitants and that is such a tiny figure in itself! Actually, the countries that receive the largest amount of asylum seekers are in fact 'developing countries' - Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, they are the ones who take the brunt of escapees from civil wars, famines and floods in their neighbouring countries. In the West we take a fraction of the millions of people that are forced through poverty or war to leave their own countries. How ironic that nations who can barely support their own economy are forced to share the burden of their neighbours while we, safe in the knowledge of our own high standard of living, tut and shake our heads and agree that it is such a shame about such and such a disaster.

How many black people do you think are living in Britain today? Most people think that it is about 30% when in actual fact it is less than 8% of the population and of course most of those were born and brought up here, so if there are so few of them imagine the tiny minority of immigrants. Despite this, cries of 'we're being swamped' echo through the tabloids. Do we honestly believe that this country is going to be overrun - good grief!

So how is this great in pouring of people from less economically developed countries (Did you notice I used the politically correct term) going to affect the British economy? In the great scheme of things I doubt that it is going to cause a sudden collapse - we're perfectly capable of doing that ourselves thank you. Frankly, if I were an employer I would rather offer a job to an immigrant who was trying to start a new life for himself (or herself) than to an English person who I knew could cope without my help. In fact statistics show that if you are from certain ethnic minorities you are more likely to become an entrepreneur and start your own business than a 'white' person; we need them for our economy.

This brings us on to the great point about refugees. The argument of those who sit on the fence tends to run along the lines of 'I don't mind genuine refugees' - will someone please define a genuine refugee for me? Or there is the classic 'People who are fleeing a regime are ok but economic migrants shouldn't be allowed in'. So basically what you're saying is that it's ok to let someone in who could be killed if they return to their own country but if they're just starving to death we should send them back. To me, anyone who has decided to leave their own country, their family, everything they know and are familiar with, to travel to a country that is just a rumour of sanctuary and prosperity has the courage of a lion. Of course we all know how easy it is to travel across to England with no money, no clear idea of where you're going and the guarantee of the mafia boss you gave you're last penny too. Travelling in lorry crammed full of people you don't know in the dark is practically desirable! Wake up - you think these are just wasters looking for an easy time of it? - that makes them practically English! Why should we deny a man a pay packet that he can send back to his family in South Africa or India or yes, even Iraq. Are we so totally shocked that people want to come to a country where there is a minimum wage? Smell the roses people.

As for us being the 'easy touch', the real reason many people want to come here is the simple fact that English is the only other language they know. They can't speak German or French or Italian - they speak English. Ah, here's where we have to start facing up to our past isn't it? Here's where all that Empire-building catches up with us. We were greedy so we conquered; we stripped them of their rights, their culture, their identity. We stripped them of their humanity. And when we had raped their country bare and they finally rebelled we left them in poverty and broken despair. We left them because there were other places to conquer. And when we had taken them we retired to our small island and claimed - hey it's your problem now.

It is simply selfishness. In trying to retain our sense of superiority we lost our humanity. I don't believe that I am any better than them because I happened to be born here. I don't believe I deserve the happiness I have had in my life any more than they do. I could have hated you because you were Jewish or Muslim or Catholic or Protestant - because I was brought up to hate you. I could have been starving in a famine in Mozambique or killed in a flood in China or dying of Cholera in Zambia. I could have been forced to beg for help from a country that enslaved my country a hundred years before; and the arrogance of us - to turn them away with insults and sneers of disgust.

I know that there has to be controls and I know that there has to be limitations but it is the attitude that I object to - not our problem is it? We weren't foolish enough to be born in a poor country were we? Selfishness, ignorance, arrogance and denial - it all goes into that bubbling pot that is forever England. I would be prouder to live in a country that celebrates its mix of cultures and its lack of boundaries. I am not a patriot; I am just humane.

Okay, after a few reviews (thank you very much by the way I really appreciate the feedback) I decided to clarify some points I made in the above essay since people have asked me to.

First, people in the last twenty years or so immigrated to Iraq and other countries we might consider to be dangerous and horrible places to live because of various reasons and I'm sorry I didn't make this clear. Up until this year Iraq has been a relatively stable regime compared to others in the Middle East and it has also been safer than many others for your average working family. It is not a matter of where the immigrants WANT to go but where they can go - countries like Iraq, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda and Pakistan are often the lesser of two evils. It is also a matter of money, religion, language and travel - if you live in a country next door to Iraq, you haven't got much money, you have relatives in Iraq, you're Muslim or you have a family that can't travel far it is much easier to go next door! Ok, hopefully that makes that clearer.

Secondly, I was asked what I would do with the immigrants/ how I would solve the problem. This one's more difficult but basically I would increase the number of immigrants allowed in to Britain, provide better support systems for when they were here that encouraged education and integration and I would definitely overhaul the system so that 1/3 of the asylum seekers refused admittance to the UK don't get accepted after an appeal - the right decision should be made more often the first time round!

So, there we are. I hope that clarifies a few points and I'd just like to thank all the reviewers again who gave me feedback on this subject.