In which Justice Prevails

The small ensconced community was highly vivacious. The mammals among it were indefatigable. Particularly at night ignominious behavior was eminent. During this time, the child of a morose and rather cynical squirrel came into power. The squirrel was eloquent and very articulate. Its countenance was acute, as it stood, perched above the laborious community. "Now is not the time to gambol about. We should act more clever and inventive, toiling through the days." The speech continued and over time the squirrel became renowned for its benevolence.

Whisking through the night, the squirrel promoted its tyranny. Its demeanor would change entirely.

"Yo. My brother," It said lurching forward, remnants of the consumed alcohol still lingering on its breath. "Where is my money?" It said lurching forward at the innocent knacker-squirrel.

The squirrel faltered as it spoke, worried of its drunken leaders reaction. Standing upon the knoll, the leader squirrel became impatient and doled out pain, as its tiny fists collided with the knacker-squirrel's body. "That's right punk. It's my cash money now." The victim lay thrashing on the ground until its tyrannous leader walked, well staggered away.

Enmity filled the leader's eyes as it plundered through the community, grabbing victims and pocketing they're cash. Cackling wildly it ran through the woods and stashed the money.

The next morning he returned, hoping to impress upon the fact that it was the leader and would do as it pleased. Several dissentients fixed this however. Screaming with malignity, they rushed after it. Followers took suit and raged on with them.

Upon arrival they watched with sick fascination as the others lynched the tyrant.