You're strangling me
Burying me alive
Choking me
Taking away my life
Trying so hard I am
To not let go
To never let go
To hold on to you forever
Sitting beside you forever
Living beside you forever
In love with you
Forever in love with you
Your anger towards me
Not constantly
Not ceasing
Is what is killing me
Your hatred
Your love
Its tearing me apart
Slowly ripping me in 2
You know that I still love you
You know that I always will
I cannot say the same
For sometimes you still fray
I wish I could love you eternally true
And when I'm with you I know it will be
It's just some times you seem to not be free
I would give you your freedom
Get your revenge
Save your life
If you'll just be my friend
If that's the least then it'll do
But I want you to know
I'll always love you