~~~Matthew 20:29-34~~~

even though their eyes were darkened
their remaining senses swallowed whole
another day in the desert
sun beating down, melting away reservations
every footstep upon dirt roads
a glancing reminder: a beggar's life

news graced their ears
but it had to be much more
their Hope transcended tangible reality
eyelashes inside their hearts fluttered open
newborn irises rose to reflect pure love
oasis-yearning throats cried out for the impossible

propelled by what they had heard
this chance was beyond dreams for one true help
against admonishment the voices raised
as pealing bells for one sip
from soothing rivers of mercy's cup

men whose eyes had never read sacred scrolls
discerned immediately the Son of David
His shadow across them was light:
"What do you want Me to do for you?"

mercy equalled sight: first symbolic then literal
compassion stood in dust-covered sandals
shortly followed by four additional footprints
it was inevitable; one path to tread.


here am I, wandering
along this darkened road
searching for Home

compassion is all
my weary body
can fall into

mercy equals sight
from this heart
remove the blinders