In this cold stillness
I am made into a ghost.
Dead to life, myself
and almost to You,
I suffocate in dirt shadows
in a makeshift grave.

Darkness can never love me,
nor can tears.

There is only One
Who reverses lifelessness,
since it's Your power
that raises the dead.

Reflect into my eyes,
and let me draw my head up
among your rays of light.

As Your shadow passes
over this shallow grave,
just a shadow is enough.

You are the One
who sees noon
in a thousand midnights.

Just Your hand.
I must touch Your hand, so mighty,
so willingly covered in flesh for me.
Pick me up and end this silence.
Never let go, hold me in Your strong arms.

You command
the sun to shine
as You teach me
what it really means
to live.