it wasn't merely my phone going dead

no ride home until a friend saw me walking

under a rain-and-snow gray sky

nor was it finding my keys in surprise

letting myself in, dropping wearying loads of books

a hot shower to warm my aching soul

enjoying music as I had not done in months

nor was it closing the door to my study

lighting candles, writing freely as tension released

from my soul and I sensed freedom

it was a mystical kind of anniversary

a bringing together forever

the Celestial Lover Of My Soul

and I, His blood-bought bride

it was my friend, my Sister in Glory bringing me

to a place where spiritual love awaited

reminding me of goodness as a bridesmaid prepares a bride

keys unlocked the barrier between outer chaos and inner bliss

my cares fell at my feet, blessings rained upon me

music, always among His favorite Love-Gifts, lifted higher

miracle showers of snow amidst brightness of lightning

even nature participated in my greatest day

it was closing the door to the outside world

concentrating solely on the One who loves me first and best

stringing words for Him like wedding day pearls

images flowing with ease, He has let me be

who He intends me to be when I am encased in His presence

* * *

two years later: You remembered me

today I hear bells ringing outside

graceful sunshine falls from heaven

gently upon my face, anniversary gifts

even last night's dreams were sweet,

joy, not nightmare agony,

raised me to newfound peace