vision walking

alone with You
close my eyes
seeing Your perfection
this is it
I am with You
I need nothing more
but to be with You
this is what life is meant for
if only this moment would freeze

a sharpened cry
world in chaos
moaning, suffering, dying
calls me away, apart
jarred out of solitude

it's not gazing at You
but tumbling down into dark shadows
there arrives the test

how much do I love You?
how far will I run?
clouds of satisfaction
muddied by reality's shuffling feet

do I love You enough
for practicality?
for walking after the epiphany?

do I love You enough
when inspiration turns
from brilliant vision
to dingy day to day?

will I take my towel
and wash their soiled feet?

would I love You still
even if the sun didn't rise
even if the moon didn't shine
even if there was no hope
except a whispered prayer?