There are many people alive today that the world does not understand or appreciate for that matter. These people turn into corruptors, murderers, psychos, psychiatrists, world class athletes, actors, dictators or rapists.

Yes it had been proven after many studies that people whom have suffered tremendous self-esteem issues due to constant badgering by others go the wrong way. Well so to speak.

Some tend to keep all the anger and abuse and hatred towards others in, but everyone has a breaking point. You can call these implosive people. A volcano for example can take large amounts of lava pressing to get out, but at a certain moment one tiny wave of lava breaks the core and causes a massive eruption. These people can be very dangerous or very skilled. They can be dangerous as in murderous or dominating or abusive. But like I said, they can also be skilled. You see, if they channel their anger and use it for a goal: They can win a match, get that last boost of energy in a long run or just whack the living hell out of a ball. But the implosive people are not the ones most likely to use their anger towards they're advantage.

The explosive people, are people that receive a bunch of crap from others and then seem to be exploding every second. You can call them, hotheads. No they're heads aren't hot, but don't touch them; you might feel the burn. These people can be crazy lunatic psychos and be screaming and yelling and beating up people daily, but they can also also be bonafide don't-f*cking- mess-with-me people, which doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. They're more likely to be the world class athletes. Some of them are able to channel all they're anger and this makes them enhance their craft. Much like how actors can perfectly scream out a scene, so realistic. Well maybe that's because it is. It's basically all your emotions rising, your passion coming out and you're screaming for help.

And finally there are other people. They don't have a name, but let's call them monoplosive. Now you see monoplosive people have a problem, but they barely show it. What they tend to do is not show people that they want to scream, but to act differently or maybe even psychotically and then to do that over a period of time and to release they're anger. They can become many things. They can work with children and they can "do" things to do them to let off their anger. They don't do a lot and they seem normal to the outside world, but they're not. They can also be psychos. More often than not they ARE psychos. They're highly unstable and then through being underappreciated the instability of they're system failed and they act somewhat crazy, but tend not to let things out too much.

Now as my final statement I would say that many people are underappreciated and are badgered, abused, basically just kicked around. Give the abuse back to the person. You got to see it as someone giving you their stress and you got to throw it back at them and say "I don't f*cking want it!" And some people who can overcome this are perfect examples of psychiatrists, having dealt with these problems themselves and knowing how to overcome it. Remember people are problematic and people are generally messed-up, but when they come in your face. You tell them to "Back the hell off!"

~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~ Author's Note: I just started typing and this is what came out..hehe.really fun.