Said Sir.Couch to the Altar

Its strange seeing you here
amongst the dregs of American society
a novelty from the orient
sitting stately in this room

Where do you come from
With your elegant layered planes
When did you get here
Through time it seems you came

Those books beneath you
the stools at your four feet
are something unseen
in a room this clean and neat
unlike the cushions
on that over stuffed arm chair
you look used
do they really know you're here

And right beside you
evergreens flourish with great care
while the flowering tulips
have dried up in despair
there is no dust
nor finger print I see
on your carapace
in fact it looks wiped clean
why take such time
to keep you looking good
this care I see
is something miss understood

Put aside your inquiry of me friend
I've come to far , and I feel I' ve reached my end
This is where I am needed
You stranger from this west
Inside me I hold their lives with in my chest
For I am a mirror
Not made for vain or looks
But for the spirit
Which I release from hooks
Just look inside me
And your souls face you'll see
Anyone may enter
But I fear they'll miss use me
I am for fortune of spirit not wealth or fame
I am made for release
From torment and disdain
When you look inside me
The mirror will be fogged up
Just hold your hands
Before your heart like this
And direct your attention
To the scroll who inside me exists

That one's the real gem
I only protect him
he shows your heart its strength
And when the heart is strengthened
The mind grows firm and strong
Then there's nothing the world can do
To hold you to your wrongs
Polish that mirror let it shine
Chant that sutra stay on time
And your life grows bright and clear

Don't doubt your power
But hold your head up in the air
I know we may seem strange and out of place
But trust me friend of mine
With me inside this room of yours
Your masters will be fine

~* I know this is weird maybe even crazy but I had a headache today and I was sitting there sketching . And I wondered what my fancy victorian couch thought of my Buddhist altar. Ne ways that's all please R&R