The Wind Guest
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Chris Wolfen has been working for the Finney Institute in
Northern Alaska for at least seven years without any sin
Pop up in front of him and messing up his
Life,but that's before a sudden wind guest changed his
Plans to travel back to New York City for Steven's

But of course,that's been considered nothing
Compared to what Chris saw after he had no choice,
But to seek shelter inside a garage with a Rolls Royce
Inside of it,which was where he'd heard someone singing
Like an angel.

And after he walked up to the cabin,he found the angel
Who was doing the singing and noticed that she
Was an Amber Benson type beauty
Named Jessica Kane,who was anything,but an angel.

Just then,after she had walked towards him and
Wrapped her arms around him,both Jessica and
Chris had kissed each other
On the lips after she had placed his hands on her
Bare hips and
Allowed him to carress every part
Of her nude body to his heart's
Content--and while they were in their lover's embrace,
The wind guest had kept on blowing its own embrace
Right on top of each and every part
Of the area that was surrounding the cabin.

After they've finally finished enjoying their moment of pure sin
And snuggled up to each other,they both agreed
That a sudden guset of fate was saying that they should be
Together forever--even in a snowed-in cabin.