The Male Seed

By:Andrew Troy Keller

She had came to Earth for one purpose and one purpose only--to gather as much of the male seed as possible,so that the females on her home planet of Santaurs could be able to reproduce their very own speices.

After she had chosen the form of the human actress named Robia La Morte and the name of Deborah Savage,she had stepped out of her spaceship and headed towards the City of Los Vegas,where one could get away with anything--including man's purest sin.

Just then,after she had stepped inside the Mirage hotel and casino and saw that there was an abundance of male seedwhich was ripe for the taking,Deborah had started walking towards one of many crap game tables and found herself face to face with a handsome young stockbroker named David Walton,who was in the City of Las Vegas on a business trip.

And so,after they had looked at each other for a minute or two and agreed to go upstairs to his hotel room,they had rode the elevator up to the nineth floor--and as soon as they've gotten to the nineth floor and into his hotel room,both David and Deborah had removed all of their clothes,placed their nude bodies on the bed and began to have one of the most erotic experiences ever in the history of the entire planet Earth.

Just then,a few hours later,after they had finally compleated their moment of pure and untamed erotica and Deborah was about to contact the Santaurs high command to report on her progress,something had happened to her.

Something inside her heart doesn't want her to leave--and the reason why is that she has actually fallen in love with David and wanted to be with him forever.

And so,after she had finally decided to follow her heart,Deborah had smashed her Santaursian communicator into tiny bits,snuggled up to her newfound lover and fallen asleep within his naked arms.