The sun shining

the sound of dogs barking

and the bird that chirp

echoeing all around me.

My cat investigates

my whereabouts.

She finds me

sitting on a bench

outside in the yard.

She climbs up

and sleeps against me.

This is my first time

to write outside

feeling the air

of a different realm.

This alien world

seems so much alive

compared to our dead house

full of captured objects

made for our enjoyment.

Maybe for once I'll ignore

their addicting array

and stay out

far from their grasp.

Here I am

one with nature

looking directly

into the shining sun

its rays touching everything

burning my eyes.

After such a long winter

spring is finally here

Much like my life

my time to shine

has come to happen.

All alive

is this outside world,

why was I so afraid

to experience it?

I feel so free

the air that touches

my once lazy body.

I remember strumming

upon my guitar

when I was inside

begging to be out,

so I did just that

being like the birds

flying high all around

latching themselves

from one branch

to the other,

chirping to their mates

clinging along side them.

Shows how much

you can find

just by sitting outside

in this alien world.

So beautiful

yet so innocent.

just letting myself bask

within its blue aura

sinking into infinity.

Not even these words

could express truthfully

the way I feel.

The way I use to feel

seems to be gone

now only my deep fascination

with my surroundings

seems to have taken

this beat up car,

out for a ride.

Sight seeing,

never felt so good.