You keep dragging me on down
Your trust has just betrayed me
Your life has just derailed me
I'm like a train going off course
Help me pick up the pieces
Help me pick up this mess
Help to destroy this reality
Help to cleanse my heart
Clean my veins
Refresh my love
Retain the chore
The chore of believing in you
The chore of believing your true
It's all a lie
I can see through it
You defied me
You tried me
I can't take it any longer
So leave me now
And take this painful regret with you
Take all these feelings with you
And help to mend my broken heart
Help to tend my open wounds
Keep the salt away
It'll just open them more
So please don't rip my skin
Please leave my heart intact
Just fix it
Fix what you've done
I'll forgive you
I'll forget it happened
If only... If only...
If you could please just forgive ME
I did this junk
I screwed us up
I would try to fix us
If only you would help
I'm not strong enough to do it on my own
I'm sorry
I love you